The Dismantling of the Nuclear Family

Government prtend to be family

Nations like Canada and the United States have deemed terms like “mother” or “father” offensive. Canada began demonizing the nuclear family structure in 2018, when Service Canada urged public employees to “use gender-neutral language or gender-inclusive language.” A new memo by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken revealed that public employees may no longer use terms such as “mother” or “father,” also deeming them to be offensive. Why does the family structure threaten governments?

Nations aligned with the World Economic Forum are moving to dismantle the nuclear family. First, they want to obscure the roles of men and women, often not recognizing women at all. Canada, for example, began urging the public sector to use gender-neutral terms like “parent.” “This avoids portraying a perceived bias toward a particular sex or gender,” Service Canada claimed.

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The United States followed suit by demonizing all language with an associated gender, such as “son” or “daughter.” This is why Obama commonly used the term “folks” when addressing the public, as “ladies and gentlemen” ruffles the feathers of a select few. Moreover, they are slowly dismantling our personal identities. If you ask a person to describe him or herself, they may begin by saying their age, gender, parental status, and other aspects that people use for self-concept and personal identity. But now, identifying as a mother, daughter, father, or son is somehow offensive.

The extreme side of equality equates to a collective identity. Unlike other older nations where everyone has the same religion, morals, and concept of community, the Build Back Better crowd believes everyone should conform to their model of neutrality that strips one of their individual identity.

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These governments are not pandering to the tiny fragment of the population that identifies as transgender; rather, they are slowly removing our personal individual identities at the most basic levels. The pride of being a mother is no longer permitted; you are disregarded as a “birthing person” in some Orwellian dystopian mentality. Anyone can breastfeed, the world health agencies have declared. Most importantly, your child should honor thy government over thy “mother” or “father.”

The far left has been discouraging women from having children because they produce too much carbon to exist while permitting an influx of refugees. Overpopulation is not the problem. Do you think a warmongering neocon like Antony Blinken is worried about offending someone with the wrong terminology? This is outright psychological warfare targeted at Generation Alpha, who will only learn a distorted version of government-directed reality.

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