Defunded Police Agencies Vacant

Defund Police

Blue cities protested and set their own towns ablaze, demanding that their officials defund the police. They are now receiving what they thought they wanted. Pittsburgh’s police precents will no longer operate between 3 AM to 7 AM ET.

While this sounds like the beginning plot of the movie, “The Purge,” as this is a public message to all criminals that there will be minimal to no police presence overnight, panicked calls to 911 will connect to a representative outside of the station or no one at all. Pittsburgh will implement a Violent Crime Division and enhanced Telephone Reporting Unit to add some resemblance of law and order when the police are not active. “These changes make a difference,” said Mayor Ed Gainey, who connected the policy moves to the calls for police reform that helped bring him the mayor’s office. “Let me make it clear: I support this chief. Period.”

The riots that occurred after the death of George Floyd were fabricated by special interests on the far left. They funded the riots, asked politicians to tell the people to take to the streets, and presented 24/7 news coverage to enrage the masses. All of this has been a deliberate attempt to destabilize the nation to the point where they will be forced to implement a form of martial law.

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The mayor may not understand what he is recommending. This action is a direct result of an underfunded police department. “One hundred percent, this is about staffing,” said Robert Swartzwelder, president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 1. “You have a recruitment, retention and rhetoric problem.” The city’s police force has declined by nearly 40% in recent decades. Not only do they not have the funding to pay officers, but blue policies have limited what an officer can do to maintain law and order.

The officers are desperately needed as crime is on the rise. The city has been working to downsize its police force amid rising crime to appease the calls to defund the police. The city has even toyed with the idea of hiring young community service aides to walk around and gently ask criminals not to commit crimes. Blue policies aim to protect the criminals over the people.

No one will be there to protect you or your family once police departments follow this path. Based on city budgets and cries to disarm and defund the police, expect to see this rising trend of unmanned police agencies and increasing lawlessness.

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