Mainstream News is Committing Suicide

Gallup 2022 Americans_Trust_In_Media_Remains_Near_Record_Low

Virtually everyone I talk to thinks mainstream news is just propaganda. COVID drove a spike through the very heart and soul of the First Amendment. Even five years before, people generally respected the news. COVID appears to have been the death knell to mainstream news. This chart shows the results of Gallup Polls, and the trust in American media is down well below 40%. Our models warn that when confidence in government falls below 40%, governments begin to collapse. That magic number applies to the media as well.

walter_kronkite_1960s on TV News

Last October, the Pew Research Center reported that Americans follow the news less closely than they used to. I remember growing up, and my father and mother would first watch the nightly news, and then the shows would come on. Never did I ever hear my father call the news fake or propaganda. Indeed, back in 2016, 51% of American adults surveyed indicated that they do so “all or most of the time.” That number dropped to 38% in 2022.

According to Pew, we are witnessing the complete collapse of trust in media across gender, age, education, ethnicity, and party affiliation. The collapse is greater among Republicans and independents, dropping from 57% to 37%. Among Democrats, trust has declined from 49% to 42%.

2032 Sixth Wave

Those who know my research are quite familiar with the process of a decline in the CONFIDENCE of government, and this is a Private Wave that peaks in 2032. During a Private Wave, we see people distrusting the government and moving to the private sector, so things like the stock market and real estate have risen because capital is moving from government bonds to private assets. The collapse in the media is part of this cycle. The media aligned with the government during the communist era – PRAVDA. While the name meant “truth” in Russian, the people knew it was all just propaganda. We now find ourselves heading in the same direction. The media will fall with the government as it did under communism.

Goodbye, and good riddance to MSNBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, and the leader of the pack in disinformation – CNN. PS: Newspapers will also follow. Better find a real career.

PS: Take Disney with you!

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