Why I Old Buy Old Cars

Porsche 1980

The Climate Zealots are intent upon ending the Industrial Revolution, for most are just brainwashed fools, as illustrated by throwing soup on major oil paintings, because they are so STUPID and just hear the word oil, and it must be evil. You paint using linseed oil – not crude oil. What can I say? These people cannot understand basic chemistry, economics, biology, physics, or anything worthwhile. Anyone supporting this agenda is just not capable of independent thought.

Mayan Empire

The real stupidity surfaces when they are so ignorant that historical CLIMATE CHANGE has occurred for millions of years. In fact, it has been clearly established that mass migrations of the Sea Peoples, Goths, Mongols, and Huns were all driven by severe droughts in Asia. The Assyrian Empire collapsed because of a megadrought, as was the case for the Maya. WHY? Because they were NOT industrialized economies and were 90% agrarian. Even the USA was 70% agrarian in 1850.

Joseph Interprets Pharaoh

Even the story of Joseph warning the Pharaoh that there would be 7 years of plenty and 7 years of drought was all about climate change. It has nothing to do with all the chariots that they were driving and horse farts.

The climate zealots are cheering World War III, drooling over the thought that 50% of the world population will be wiped out in nuclear war. They are actually cheering on the NEOCONs. Oh, they will deny that – but trust me, they have NO INTEREST in peace. Even the Greens in Germany advocate for war.

Climate Change was the #1 issue behind many of the civilizations that collapsed because they were so dependent on agriculture, and without rain, they could not last very long. This is what these Climate Zealots want to re-establish.

These climate zealots are now in full control of the White House, which they share with the NEOCONs. This upcoming election is not a vote for Biden; it is a vote for the Deep State that is out to destroy civilization as we know it. The Biden Administration has decreed with EXECUTIVE ORDERS that electric vehicles (EVs), which now are less than 8% of sales of new cars in 2023, must be nearly 60% in a few years. They are outright attempting to outlaw ordinary gasoline-powered vehicles.


I own a hybrid – a BMW i8. But they are not good enough anymore because it has two engines – electric & gas. I never have to plug it in, for it charges the electricity as I travel. But the climate zealots hate my car. It still uses gasoline. Not only do the new cars they want to be only electric, but they also have black boxes and report to your insurance company how you drive, and they use that data, without your permission, to turn it over to insurance companies so they can charge you 26% more in fees.

I have a Porsche, and the trunk was not fully closed overnight. When I came out in the morning, the battery was dead because all night long, it was calling home to say my trunk was open. Nobody came to close it, and they did not inform me it was open. They have to share every piece of info they can gather on you. No more new cars for me. Enough is enough.

Smart Cars Reporting to Govt – Insurance Rates up 26% YoY


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