Happy Transgender Day – Forget Easter

Easter is Transgender Day

If anyone dares to question why the United States will break apart and separate, you must move to California. Biden has just declared Easter is really Transgender Day. He did not give us a memo on how to celebrate. I guess we do not have to hunt for eggs or give presents. So, I guess we are all supposed to be cross-dressers today. We now have Biden effectively declaring Easter Sunday Transgender Day, which is basically a FU to all Christians while they are really saying take your religion and stuff it. The Biden Administration, like Marx, has effectively declared religion the OPIUM OF THE PEOPLE, and they have no respect for anything you believe.

Like Zelensky in Ukraine outlawing Eastern Orthodox religion and nullifying their holidays, including outlawing their Christmas in January, which has been celebrated for more than 1,000 years, the Biden White House is trying to eradicate our religious beliefs and customs.

When Biden won the White House, they were cheering that they would change America into their vision of la la land – Californization of the entire country. That is what I mean; the people who are really running the show in the White House HATE America! They hate religion, our culture, and everything about what made America – America. They are trying to desperately destroy everything about the United States that once made our country great and the beacon of liberty around the world. LIBERTY is old fashioned – they are now autocratic dictators that we MUST live by what they decree or else!

Those Days of Freedom Are Gone


Sleep Walking into WWIII

This Biden Administration is sleep-walking the country into World War III to reduce the population all for the Climate Change zealots and to appease the NEOCONs who cannot sleep at night without hating someone.


The Neocons wrote the script for Biden to read, for they made sure they started the civil war in Ukraine as the spearhead to use to go after Russia. This was a Declaration of War that they announced on March 26th, 2022, and bypassed Congress entirely to manipulate the country into war.

CNN Biden Denying Free Speech

We already knew that FREEDOM OF SPEECH means nothing anymore, as the Biden Administration orders private companies to censor people they cannot do directly. Biden even created, on April 27, 2022, the Disinformation Governance Board (DGB), an advisory board of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to control the free press. Then Biden tells Texas it has NO RIGHT whatsoever to defend its own people.

Voter ID

I am sorry, but with this agenda, it is only a matter of time before History Repeats, and we will see a unified separatist movement start to form. NOBODY will accept the results of this election, and there is NO WAY these people in Washington will allow either Trump or RFK to win the White House. All the studies show that Trump would have won in 2020 without mail-in ballots. The Democrats are handing out voter registrations to noncitizens. Merrick tells Congress VOTER IDs are not necessary, yet they threaten any state that insists on IDs to vote as discriminatory. You cannot board a plane or drive a car without a photo ID, but you can vote with nothing? This is all to rig the elections. There is no way this will be a fair election, and they DO NOT GIVE A SHIT anymore what you vote for or what you think. They will win no matter what.



Because it is for the DEEP STATE

Civil War in any country typically followed two factors. When a nation PRETENDS to be a democracy, like the Roman Republic, but while people may vote, once in power, the leaders do whatever they want. This has unfolded in the United States, and the Biden Administration has taken this to new heights. Zelensky was elected promising peace in Ukraine and has done the opposite. This is the #1 factor that led to all civil wars throughout history.

The #2 factor was when the people become divided according to IDENTITY rather than philosophy, such as Catholic vs. Protestant, Suni vs. Shitie, Black vs. White, Marxist vs. Capitalist. Today, 40% of Democrats vote Democrat not because of philosophy but because of IDENTITY. The same is true about Republicans. This is the crisis in Washington that has identified Republicans who no longer represent the philosophy but vote because they are part of the Deep State IDENTITY – hence RINOs. By naming today, Transgender Day is furthering this process of dividing the nation into IDENTITY groups and, from the government’s perspective, keep the people divided, and they will not rise up against the government but fight among themselves. This has been a MAJOR mistake of the Biden Administration.



When the people are so divided, and the groups begin to hate each other as is unfolding, then our failed Republican form of government is NOT a democracy in the slightest, and they, like Zelensky, will say whatever needs to be said to win an election and then do as they like. This clip from the London Financial Times shows how DEMOCRACY suddenly became POPULISM because people voted for an outsider like Trump, and they were terrified.

This is why the United States will go into a civil war. This formula has identified civil wars for thousands of years, leaping out from our computer models that have looked at the rise and fall of nations. It is NOT equality or the differential in wealth. It is when fundamental fairness is thrown out the window for power. EVERY single city-state, nation, or empire has fallen when it has crossed this threshold and is buried in a common grave.




That said, I personally do not believe those controlling the White House, and thus all the government agencies, will allow anyone BUT Biden to win this election or their stooge. They have gone too far to allow anyone to overturn their agenda. I find it very curious that this movie comes out on April 12th on the future American Civil War.  The American Civil War actually began on April 12th, 1861 (1861.279). So, the release date is historical. Our computer shows that the United States will no longer stand united by 2036.489.

Our computer has projected that 2024 will sow the seeds for the end of the United States. According to the historian Suetonius, Caesar said his famous phrase, ālea iacta est (“the die has been cast”). In other words, the dice have been thrown. That is what our computer has forecast for 2024. The precise date of that turning point is September 4/5th, 2024 from which the separation of the United States will be set in motion.

The Dice Have Been Cast

Biden’s declaration of this being Transgender Day is part of the process of dividing the nation, continually pitting one group against another. Hitler did that with the Jews. This does not raise the Transgener Community equal in status, it denegrates them and increases discrimination. Dividing the nation into groups by IDENTITY is the #2 reason for civil war throughout history,

The light at the end of the tunnel is the rebirth of a nation come 2036.489 – the end of the most corrupt form of government EVER – Republics.

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