Canada’s Population Hits New High


PM Justin Trudeau’s goal of importing immigrants is going as planned. Statistics Canada reported that the nation added over 1.27 million new residents between January 1, 2023, and January 1, 2024. This 3.2% uptick in the population is the highest on record since 1957.

Yes, immigration is the main reason that Canada’s population is soaring. Statistics Canada said that the population would have only grown around 1.2% if not for open border policies. The Trudeau Administration insists that overflowing the country with immigrants is mandatory to increase labor. “It is not the bodies we are bringing in; these are bodies that fill in the empty spaces in the labour market,” a rep for the Toronto Metropolitan Centre for Immigration and Settlement at Toronto Metropolitan University, told Global News. “They bring a very-high level of skills.” Canada’s unemployment rate rose to 5.8% in February 2024 from 5.7% the month prior. Notably, young men are increasingly unemployed based on the data.

Where are the highly-skilled workers that the left speaks of? Canada is facing a shortage of healthcare providers. One in five Canadians in Ontario (2.2 million people) do not have regular access to a primary care physician as the universal health care system has failed. Toronto and other provinces have the exact same crisis. Countless health care workers fled the field in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and never returned. The doctors imported to Canada are not even permitted to work, with current estimates stating 13,000 qualified immigrants are currently unable to practice medicine due to red tape.

Canada is experiencing a housing crisis, with an estimated 35,000 homeless people living on the streets at any given night. Around 235,000 Canadians are unhoused. There is a massive shortage of housing, with new builds reaching only 320,000 in 2022. Most estimates believe that Canada will need to build an additional 4 million new housing units by 2030, of course, to accommodate the CURRENT population.

Canada’s economy, infrastructure, and society cannot accommodate this rapid population boom. This is happening among all the World Economic Forum-guided nations. It is completely unsustainable by design.

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