Russia Begins Mass Deportations After Terrorist Attack

Russia is not taking any chances after the senseless terrorist attack that claimed 144 lives. The four men arrested for the attack were from Tajikistan, and ISIS is now claiming responsibility. No one in charge believes that ISIS is responsible for these attacks but Russia is taking precautions and beginning a mass deportation is Islamic migrants.

President of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, claimed the men who carried out the attack have “no nationality, no homeland and no religion.” President Putin believes that Ukraine and Western intelligence is responsible for the attack. Russia supports Iran. Why would they carry out a mass shooting on Russian soil of all places? The West is desperate to create a false flag to claim that Russia is the oppressive enemy so they can send in NATO.


Zelensky basically said that Russia deserved this mass shooting incident. He is attempting to instigate Moscow to act. “They (Russia) came to Ukraine, they are burning our cities – and they are trying to blame Ukraine,” Zelensky said one day after the attack. “Putin and his thugs are just trying to blame somebody else… It has happened before. There have been blown-up houses, shootings, explosions, and they always blame others,” Zelensky later stated without empathy. “They sent hundreds of thousands of terrorists here, on Ukrainian soil, they are fighting against us and don’t care what happens in their country.” Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR) believes Russia carried out the attack on its own citizens in an effort to blame Ukraine.

Now, look at how Russia responded with the trial. All four men appeared in the courtroom in horrible condition, badly beaten. One man was forced to stand trial while in a coma. There were videos of Russian forces cutting off one man’s ear and forcing him to eat it. Russia is making a clear statement that anyone who carries out any act of terrorism will receive no grace. The Russian people want migrants who do not mesh with their own society out of their country.

The Tajikistan embassy warned its citizens to stay in their houses. Kyrgyzstan is warning its citizens not to travel to Russia. Russia is cracking down on migration and making it more difficult to obtain work permits.

Buses filled with migrants were spotted en route to St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo International Airport shortly after the attack. Hundreds of migrants have been places in temporary detention centers and/or deported.

There are cries of human rights abuse, stating that Russia is acting unfairly toward a collective group when only a few are responsible. The issue is that Russian culture does not align with the culture of these migrants. Worse, their motives are unknown and no one knows who they are truly reporting back to be it the CIA or ISIS. We see terrorists sitting comfortably in courtrooms in other nations, given the opportunity to prove innocence despite clearly carrying out horrific atrocities. Russia will not allow that to happen. They are taking no chances and putting their citizens first

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