Biden’s Dictatorship – Why Executive Orders are Unconstitutional

Bidens 1st day of Executive Orders

These are just a few of the onslaught of Executive Orders Bidens signed within hours of entering the White House. He not only opened the border to the flood of illegal aliens that are now getting free healthcare and tax-free money and housing that Americans are not entitled to, but he immediately went to deal with the transgender issue, making that a national crisis and shoving it down everyone’s throats who never even heard about the subject before, and restored all the money to promote this fake science of Climate Change.

We the People

People ask me if I donate to the Judicial Watch. The answer is NO!!!! I have written to them, and they have refused to respond. They will NOT defend the Constitution and address this issue of Executive Orders. Biden can issue an executive order, which you can violate and go to prison as if it were legislation by We the People. They BS all the time that we live in this fake democracy when it is an autocracy no different from what they claim Putin is and when we should die on some battlefield to defend the Constitution that they ignore.

ALL LAWS are supposed to be enacted by THE PEOPLE. Just look at the Appointments Clause of the Constitution. This empowers the President to nominate public officials, and only with the advice and consent (confirmation) of the US Senate is such an appointment made. Then how can the President revoke everything that the previous administration did, which Congress approved in many cases, and pretend he has the power to act as a DICTATOR? Using this executive order is anti-democracy, and I maintain it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, for it is always done to circumvent the people or any public debate. If the president CANNOT appoint someone to even the Supreme Court with an executive order, then how can he create a law that will send you to prison? Roosevelt confiscated all the gold with an EXECUTIVE ORDER.

This is what they expect Americans to defend and die on foreign battlefields for an autocracy that circumvents WE THE PEOPLE.

1 ECM 2032 Pi Turning Point 1 Annotated

2032 DateWhen it comes time to redesign the new form of government post-2032, probably in 2037, we MUST eliminate any of this nonsense of Executive Orders. They intended to express only how to enforce a Congress-created law – not some backroom deal. They have been so abused, transforming the presidency into a virtual dictatorship. This is why the United States will split probably into three separate countries:

  1. Pacific Coast, perhaps named Terra Aequalitatem (Land of Equality)
  2. New England may call Terra Novae Marx (Land of New Marxism)
  3. The Bible Belt/South might call themselves Terra Libertatis (Land of Liberty)


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