Trying to Save the Future – Redesigning Government

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It took the Roman Empire about 314 years (Pi) to realize that it was just too big and complicated for one man to rule. The Tetrarchy was the system instituted by Roman emperor Diocletian (284-305AD) in 293 AD to govern the Empire by dividing it between two emperors, the augusti (presidents), and their junior colleagues and designated successors, the caesars (Vice Presidents). We have reached a critical impasse where the remaining years into 2032 will get difficult. The country is divided, and the agencies are so corrupt that the government is no longer functioning.

2022 Gallup Government PollGallup 28 all Institutions 2022

The Gallup Poll reflects this, whereby confidence in combined government and institutions in 2022 collapsed to 28%. We are now approaching below 20%. When it comes to Congress, they are at the bottom of the list, next to TV news. People trust small businesses more than anyone—the sector Biden has been trying to destroy.

We are rapidly approaching the collapse of the United States and all of Western Society. Confidence in the British government is down to 13%. The corruption has spread far and wide in Western governments and there is no hope of our survival at this point in time. Those in power will NEVER surrender their power. They said you could vote your way into Communism, but you had to shoot your way out. I hope the same is not going to be true with what we are facing right now.

China Drugs

The November election seems almost light-years away, and these Neocons and Climate Zealots are fools and have no idea that they are destroying Western society. In fact, these Neocons are so ignorant of the world economy that we have a MAJOR CRISIS on the horizon. Indeed, 80% of all drugs used by Americans are imported. Bashing China not only threatens our economy and pushes the government into default if foreign buying of US debt stops, but the health of many Americans is dependent on China.

Iran Chemical Weapons

Meanwhile, the expected retaliation of Iran against Israel does not need to be a nuclear attack. Iran is far more likely to respond with a chemical weapon intermixed with conventional weapons that go unnoticed at first. The effects of this can be strategic long-term, seeking to eliminate the problem of Israel once and for all. It seems everyone is just going nuts. It must be the eclipse. They were always a bad omen among the ancients.

Diplomacy 1

Once upon a time, we had leaders who sought world peace. Today, the Deep State loves Biden because he is not even there 40% of the time. These Neocons are waging war, praying to force Russia to attack, so they then will finally get a Declaration of War from Congress claiming they are the aggressor as Roosevelt did with the Japanese. Thanks to the media always beating the war drums they are paid to create World War III.

Embargo on Japan 2 15 20

Roosevelt was inflicting embargos on the Japanese, freezing their money, and cutting them off from all energy. When they turned to buying fuel from other nations, Roosevelt threatened to blockade their ships. Is it any wonder why the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor to eliminate the US fleet after the threat of an embargo?

Pearl Harbor Investigation

What we are doing to Russia is exactly the same way Roosevelt treated the Japanese. There will be only one resolution – World War III. I do not believe that those in Washington and Brussels are this stupid. This is DELIBERATE, and they are trying to provoke Russia to attack, as did the Japanese. They will then claim we wear the white hats and Russia is the aggressor with an unprovoked attack. It worked before. There was even a Senate investigation after the war into the fact that Roosevelt knew  Pearl Harbor was to be attacked and pulled out the important ships, all to force Congress to enter the war.


Just like the President used Executive Orders to circumvent Congress and the Constitution, we do the same. We probably do not even have enough time to pull this off. I have been expressing this behind the scenes.


White House Logo


While the Senate must approve the White House appointments to courts and agencies, they DO NOT have approval over the direct personnel of the President or who they select for Vice President. This is my proposal! The President, Vice President, and Chief of Staff create a TRIPARTITE Ticket whereby the Chief of Staff will oversee the agencies. This is absolutely critical!!!

Redesigning Government 1

For those who attended the WEC last, I brought on stage the former chief of staff in the Financial Services Committee in the House of Representatives. He explained how Congress really works and to become the leader is not the person championing change but who plays ball with the status quo. All of the Agencies are on the take. They are now controlled by the very people they are supposed to be regulating. We need an AGENCY CZAR, but we cannot create another agency, for that means Congress gets to supervise, and they will be paid off to block it.

Deep State 1

1 Fourth Branch

It is well known that The Deep State, the Fourth Branch of the government, is totally UNELECTED! They include all of the Administrative Agencies. It was this Fourth Branch that was out to overthrow Trump in 2020. The entire COVID Scam was directed NOT by Fauci but by Mike Pence with Debroach Birx. Birx sent instructions to all the governors precisely the opposite of what Trump ordered. She is the one who closed the schools, and she is the one who put in place the ZERO infections at all costs. She was part of this unelected Fourth Branch. They were deliberately trying to destroy the economy to make sure Trump would lose the election.


Right now, before the Supreme Court is a case, many hope will be overruled – the Chevron rule directing judges to defer to this Fourth Branch and use their own laws. The Chevron Case has created an intolerable SWAMP, and unless the Supreme Court overrules Chevron, there is no hope of ever getting control of our government back.

This is why we need a third position: corruption has consumed the government so much that this unelected dictatorial Fourth Branch is above the law in every possible way we look at it. We need a Chief of Staff who is not subject to appointment by the Senate to oversee the agencies. With the power to fire anyone, the office of Inspector General should be provided with the power to indict anyone in government as the Tribune of the Plebs was permitted during the Roman Republic. The Department of Justice has shown that there is no rule of law pushing to indict Trump, yet at the same time, it is refusing to treat Biden the same.

DOJ _Are_you_kidding_me refusing to comply with subpoena

The Justice Department put Peter Navarro in prison for refusing to comply with a subpoena from Congress and then refused to honor subpoenas regarding Hunter Biden. The Judge actually said, “Are you kidding me?” They threw in prison anyone connected to Trump while they violated the very same subpoenas regarding the Bidens. You just cannot make this up. We are too far gone now.

2024 Biden_Administration_Finalizes_Rule_Preventing_Federal_Employees_from_Being_Fire

In this third position, a Chief of Staff who effectively becomes the Agency Czar, supervises the agencies. He can be given the power to fire any bureaucrat in an executive order, just as Biden tried to make it impossible if Trump is elected to prevent him from firing the Neocons and Climate nut-jobs to ensure Biden’s bureaucrats are untouchable.

Now Listen to RFK Jr. He was NOT anti-vax, and the propaganda portrays it. All the media is bought and paid for, and they care nothing about society, your health, or the survival of the nation. They simply mouth what they are paid to do from above. Listen carefully to what he says about dealing with agencies.


As I have said. I would get the flu shot, and my kids were vaccinated. With corruption in ALL the Agencies, I would no longer take a vaccine for anything since they are making everything MRNA created by their computers and are not properly tested. They do not rely on the age-old method of creating vaccines with a real disease sample to get your body to resist it. Because they have paid off the officials for absolute immunity and are funding the agencies that regulate them, there is not anyone left the people can trust when the government is for sale.


2016 Goldman_Reaches_5_Billion_Settlement_Over_Mortgage_Backed_Securities_WSJ

Every agency is beholden to the very entities it is supposed to regulate. The CFTC and SEC will ONLY criminally prosecute small firms. The big firms pay only fines for blowing up the economy. They will pay a large fine, like Goldman Sachs’s $5 billion for its mortgage-backed securities in 2016 against their annual profit of $27.9 billion. It amounts to just a royalty as the CDC gets from big Pharma.

Revolving Door

There is a major systemic corruption crisis that has undermined the entire government. In finance, for years there have been serious issues with what has been called the Revolving Door at the Securities Exchange Commission. The very companies that are supposed to be regulated routinely hire from the SEC and as such, this contributes to the SEC refusing to prosecute the very companies that hire them. They tear apart small firms for minor infractions and never touch the major firms that they hope to land a high-paying job.

Then, Goldman Sachs puts in place its own people to head various agencies from the Treasury to the SEC and CFTC. This is a standard practice that has been in finance for decades. Bill Gates and the Drug Companies are doing the same with the health industry. Instead of bankers never being prosecuted, we have health agencies compromising our very health at the direction of the people they are supposed to be regulating. Joe Biden put in Gary Gensler as the new head of the SEC, who is an ex-Investment Banker from Goldman Sachs. He also advised Biden on the Federal Reserve staff.

Neocons Climate Nuts WWIII R

Biden Secon Term

Did we get enough of them to Save the Planet?


Even Elon Mush starts hearing the same thing from behind the curtain. These people are insane, but they do want to create World War III to reduce the population. This election is so important, for if Biden is reflected, the SWAMP will consume us, and the computer is projecting there may not even be an election in 2028.

RFK Jr. has experience as a lawyer. He will be overwhelmed as president, which is what they will do as they did to Trump. Keep him distracted, for one person cannot preside over such a corrupt government filled to the brim with unelected bureaucrats with the power to destroy your life. However, he knows the problem, and we should have a Triparte Ticket with RFK Jr. as the Chief of Staff Agency Czar, Trump, at the head of the ticket. I would select Rand Paul for VP.

2032 Date
Crash Burn

The government is far too large for a single person to run. The vice president should have more than just a ceremonial position. The Agency Czar needs the power to drain the SWAMP. Of course, I am only dreaming. We have to crash and burn, I suppose. I am glad I am not 18 years old. This will become someone else’s problem. The target 2032 will be (3 x 8.6) 258 years from the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773. Then, on May 17th, 1774, Rhode Island called for an “Intercolonial Congress” of the Colonies to be created.

Then, in response to the Boston Tea Party, on June 2, 1774, England passed the Intolerable Acts demanding that their troops, under the new Quartering Act, required American colonists to provide better housing for British soldiers upon demand, which included in your own home. This was followed by unifying the colonies, and the Revolution was set in motion. On September 5th, 1774, the First Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia.


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