Iran Launches Test Attack with Slow Drones


Iran has launched a drone attack on Israel that appears to be testing Israel’s defenses. The IDF has stated that it would take hours for the drones to even reach the country. Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel was prepared for a ‘“direct attack from Iran.” Tehran confirmed the action, with Iranian state TV reporting: “A significant drone operation by the IRGC against targets inside occupied territories has started.” Biden was called back from Delaware where he hides 40% of the time.

These Iranian drones are slow-moving. Iran’s defense ministry announced the start of mass production of drones in 2018, named the Mohajer-6 tactical and combat unmanned aerial vehicle. Their drones began back in the 1980s, but they were used for surveillance at that time.

This appears to be a test of Israeli’s defenses rather than a serious attack since they are slow-moving and would provide Israel with ample warning.

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