We are TOO Stupid to Vote

Greek Philosophers

Aristotle believed that after Pericles died in 429 BC, the demos had continually appointed charismatic demagogues who undermined Athenian democracy. The three main Greek philosophers were against Democracy because the people were too stupid and uneducated. This is where we had even John Kerry claiming Trump’s election was because of “populism,” and this must be prevented. Whenever the people vote against career politicians, it os no longer democracy, but populism.



Once again, the United Nations discourages individualism with this same philosophy that we are too ignorant to understand what they know. As Sir Huxley wrote when forming the United Nations, “unrestricted individualism is equally erroneous.” So much for human rights. We should have no right to vote, and in reality, these people claim to be defending democracy against autocracy when, in fact, we do not live in a democracy at all. They call Russia an autocracy when, in fact, we have no right to vote if we should go to war, either. We are too ignorant to know what to do in life. That’s why the elite climate change zealots want to reduce the population by at least 2 billion, if not 50%, so they can sleep at night.

Schwab WEF End of Democracy

There is an all-out assault on Democracy, and it is not from Trump. Here is Klaus Schwab, who is the poster child for authoritarian government and the suppression of human rights. We are too stupid to be allowed to vote since we are beneath the level of intelligence of those who know better. When Trump was elected, that is when Democracy became Populism – and that was not acceptable.


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