Who is Binaifer Nowrojee? The Incoming President of Open Society Foundations

Binaifer Nowrojee

Binaifer Nowrojee has been appointed as the president of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) as Mark Malloch-Brown plans to officially step down in June. The Open Society Foundation is openly interfering in elections throughout the world and funding the globalist agenda. George appointed his son, Alex Soros, chairman of his foundation in December 2022. So, who is Binaifer Nowrojee?

Born in London, raised in Kenya, with an Indian heritage, Nowrojee is the daughter and granddaughter of well-known lawyers in Kenya. Pheroze Nowrojee, her father, helped to overturn the Raila presidential election of 2017. “It had taken us 25 years to achieve this overturning of the constant practice of rigging by those in power,” he said after the Supreme Court nullified the results for that election, claiming that they failed to comply with Kenya’s constitution. “We had set the correct goal of all future politics and public endeavour in Kenya. We have hard work ahead to ensure the application of this principle as widely as necessary in public service.”

Some have accused her father of meddling in African politics. When asked whether the Kenyan Constitution needed amendments, he replied:

“Constitutional amendments are not what individuals want or do not want, but what the national circumstances show over time and at different times to be a better option. The unity of our many peoples, the integrity of the nation, the experience of our drafting errors of the past, or of machinery that is not working as was intended in 2010. These dictate not only when but what amendments may be preferable or not.”

Binaifer was born to lead the OSF with a lineage of overturning elections.

She has been working with the Open Society Foundations for years in senior leadership roles across Asia and East Africa for over two decades. A Harvard Law School graduate, Nowrojee also holds a JD from Columbia Law School – an academic. She spent a decade on staff at the Human Rights Watch, an OSF grantee organization, and held a position at the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights. She has been praised for being the first woman of color to hold this role at the OSF.

One of her first measures as incoming president was to reduce the staff size of the OSF by an astounding 40%. It will be easier to ensure everyone is completely in line with the agenda. “As we navigate the remaining elements of change, I promise, first and foremost, to remain committed to Open Society values and to George Soros’s vision of critical thinking, local knowledge, and risk-taking,” she told the AP. The OSF does not have a clear budget


Alex Soros has already directed the foundation to begin honing in on America opposed to Europe, as they have their fingers in the European Union, but America has yet to be tamed. Civil unrest is growing as Biden has lost all but 8% of supporters and cannot even hold a fundraiser on his own without roping in two former presidents. Will Binaifer follow in her father’s footsteps and look to overturn an election?


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