COVID was a Tactic for Control & to Further Climate Change


QUESTION: Dear Marty,
I haven’t bothered you with any questions for a long time, but if you could find time to express your opinion on this matter, it would be very valuable not only for me, but also for the readers of your blog.

While we are currently in the initial stage of the War of Wars (according to Einsteine’s scenario), how can we explain the fact that the largest players, i.e. the USA, China and Russia, and almost the rest of the world, conducted Covid operations in 2020 together and in a brilliantly coordinated and directed way?

Did they agree on something, and someone didn’t keep the agreement, and that’s why there’s this war now? Wasn’t Operation Covid a war of THEM against US, THEM against WE THE PEOPLE? Can we ever say that there are any honest players in this game, representing their nations and taking care of their interests, or have the bandits quarreled with each other and now they will settle their accounts with our blood, to the delight of depopulation psychopaths?

Thank you very much in advance and best regards to you and the entire team.

Best Regards

P.S. I envy you the sun and the ocean, the safety and common sense that rules in Florida. Here we are at the mercy of absolute freaks.
Now it’s just a matter of weeks….



ANSWER: COVID was a scam for climate change. I do not believe there was intentional coordination between the USA, China, and Russia. The media was on board, and China and Russia responded thanks to pier pressure. I had INFORMATION two months before anyone heard of a virus. The word being whispered around was, “A virus is coming.” That info was coming out of the World Economic Forum (WEF). This was planned, and the objective was to end commuting and to shut down small businesses. So you see, the worst damage was in the Blue States.

The damage to economies was on a wholesale basis. This set inflation in motion due to shortages and unleashed a crisis in office building space. The entire idea was to end commuting. Europe is fully in the hands of the WEF. The head of the EU was a board member; the same is true for the ECB and IMF. Schwab has infiltrated Europe and undermined its entire economy.

CHINA and RUSSIA have figured this out. They are both well aware that this was a plot also to undermine the world economy all for Climate Change. Now, they are pushing for World War III and believe that they need to reduce the world population by at least 2 billion.


The Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, along with George Soros, have been promoting the need to reduce the population and take over the political system for about 30 years or more, ending the democratic right of the people to vote. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was launched in 2000, and it was 17.2 years later when they moved much more aggressively. It was 2002 when they had their push entitled Beyond Good Intentions.

ECM 2011 2020 Detailed

It appears that this agenda moved into high gear with the turn of the Economic Confidence Model back in 2015.75. This effort has been to push the one-world government, where they also delude themselves into thinking that will eliminate war and hand them dictatorial powers. I point out that the Roman Empire was one government. How many civil wars did they go through? This has been a fool’s dream, and blended with Climate Change; they are out to screw the world far worse than Karl Marx ever contemplated.


This idea that a one-world government would eliminate war was the very purpose behind creating the Euro, which is why Margaret Thatcher kept the pound out of the Euro based on our research. They even stated that the proposition in the EU Parliament was the real goal.


Thomas Malthus’ book published in 1798, which started the entire overpopulation panic and eventually inspired eugenics. Justice Ginsberg also commented that Roe v Wade had nothing to do with women’s rights – it was all about reducing the population.

2009 Ginsberg Eugenics

They have brainwashed so many women to think it is their RIGHT to kill their unborn child when Gates’ father was placing Planned Parenthood in minority areas to reduce the population of minorities specifically. To this day, the Democrats preach this to women when it is all about eugenics, and this is why you see the Biden Administration’s intent on Climate Change. This will take this agenda much further, just as Germany wants to forbid driving on weekends. They are planning yet another virus for more lockdowns and are trying to scheme a way to reduce people driving for vacations this summer.

NYC Climate Clock

Cyclically, they have successfully linked Climate Change to population reduction on a widespread concept by 2022. They will be pushing this much more aggressively post-2024 election, for they have convinced themselves the world will end by 2027. They are all just insane. This is why, despite the computer projecting a Trump victory in the election, I cannot see where these people will allow that. Their whole authoritarian world counts on a Biden victory.

Soros Calls for Assassination of Trump

You already have one member of this triumvirate advocating the assassination of Trump. Between Gates, Rockefeller, and Soros stir in the ruthlessness of the WEF, and the future is anything but bright and rosy. This group is no different than the actions of Napoleon or Hitler, who the latter also engaged in eugenics and killed not just the Jews but also the invalids from WWI because they were a burden on the state and defective for society’s future.

Next year will be a very DANGEROUS crossroads for this group to emerge as our world leaders are taking us rapidly into World War III – 25.8 years (3 x 8.6) from the founding of the Gates Foundation.

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