OMG We Will All Die by 2027? Party Time!

NYC Climate Clock


Since the Climate Change nuts swear we will all die in just 3 years, you might as well stop working, go party, don’t bother paying your bills, and when you are done celebrating in a NY Restaurant, just walk out. If they complain, say Biden has confirmed we will all die by 2027, just look at the clock! That’s why he is forgiving all student loans. Hey, equality means we should all be forgiven all debts, including taxes. It’s Party Time – the Constitution guarantees Equal Protection of the Law! Biden has to forgive everyone’s debts! All the aliens pay no taxes. They get free money and free healthcare. It’s our time!

UFO come to White House

The reason the Biden Administration is talking about UFOs is because the word is out –

free money, free healthcare, and anyone can vote if you vote for Biden.

They are coming for the handouts from around the Galaxy.

Resign your Citizenship, go to Mexico, come back, and live the free life on Biden!

Note: Offer may be void if you do not join the military to conquer the world


Seal Levels 1885 2024


This is indisputable proof that the sea level is rising. It may have risen by a few millimeters between 1885 and today – but who is really counting anything? Others say the sea level has risen because we all gained weight, and when we go into the ocean for a dip, we are the cause of rising sea levels – not fossil fuels.

Statue of Liberty NYC Underwater

I feel bad for Trump. His request to delay the trial until 2027 was denied.

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