Bad Hygiene is Good for the Environment


We are expected to sacrifice all of our Earthly comforts in the name of climate change. The latest issue brewing across the media is water conservation, specifically taking daily showers. Experts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) state that the average 8-minute shower wastes 20 gallons of water. There are now calls to establish a new norm of NOT SHOWERING every day to save the environment.

There’s no need to shower every day,” a recent BBC article suggests. The author said she showers a mere three times a week, which would be seen as a sign of an underlying mental health disorder if not for climate conservation efforts. The author said some of her friends only need to bathe once per week. The article quotes chemist David Whitlock, who went 12 years without a shower, only spraying himself with “good bacteria.” The article calls out numerous “experts” who do not shower every day and are “brave” for admitting their hygiene habits.

Climate zealots are attempting to frame daily showers as a “performative act.” “If you go 100 years back, we didn’t shower every day, because the shower was not a normal thing to have,” Professor Kristen Gram-Hanssen from the Department of the Build Environment of Aalborg University in Denmark, as quoted by the NY Post. “We don’t shower because of health. We shower because it’s a normal thing to do.”

They cannot gaslight independent thinkers. Everyone I know will tell you that skipping a shower leads to poor hygiene, skin and hair problems, and unpleasant odors. Bathing is a simple concept we teach toddlers.Caracalla Baths Rome

Diseases were more prevalent when people failed to clean themselves. The ancient Romans built intricate aqueduct systems to ensure their people were cleansed. The Grihya Sutras texts of ancient India, dating back to around 500 BCE, discuss daily hygiene rituals. Traders who visited ancient Japan were amazed at how sanitary the people were, as bathing was an early part of their culture.

The powers that be were insisting we wash our hands numerous times a day to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, but now they want us to sit in our own filth? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has suggested that Americans begin cutting down their time in the shower. The EPA believes we can save 2.5 gallons of water for every minute spent out of the shower. They suggest we wash our hair with the water off and believe five minutes in the shower is more than sufficient. Now, the EPA wants to frame this as a way to cut down on utility costs.

Countless articles are appearing across the web that urge the public to cut down on their time in the shower. Bad hygiene is the latest method of virtue signaling. They slowly embed these concepts into the public’s mind to engrain their version of the “new norm.” We are to reduce our consumption in all areas to combat a problem that does not exist. Notice the slow roll of propaganda that the media presents, as I, for one, do not want this grotesque “new norm.”

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