Indefinite Weekend Driving Ban in Germany?

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Germany is moving full speed ahead to reach their asinine climate targets. The citizens who are in essence the very carbon they wish to destroy must be punished for not sacrificing enough to uphold Angela Merkel’s Climate Protection Act. Transport Minister Volker Wissing is now threatening the German people with “an indefinite weekend driving ban.”

“In the dispute over a reform of the Climate Protection Act, Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) has warned of drastic cuts for motorists – including weekend driving bans. This is according to a letter from Wissing to the heads of the SPD, Green and FDP parliamentary factions. It was made available to the Deutsche Presse-Agentur on Thursday …

The letter states that if the amended Climate Protection Act does not come into force before 15 July, the ministry will be obliged under the current law to present an action programme to ensure compliance with the annual emission levels for the transport sector in the coming years.”

The climate zealots are worried that this overt threat will expose their ultimate goal to reduce, if not outlaw, private car ownership. Greenpeace has even come out and criticized Wissing for threatening driving bans, as if that measure is not precisely the goal of reducing emissions and ultimately 15-minute cities. Members of various parties in Germany, most of whom support climate change reductions, have attempted to redact his statements. Afterall, Germany does have a poor not so distant history of limiting freedom of movement.

It is not responsible for a minister to stir up unfounded fears,” Green Party parliamentary group leader Katharina Droege said, despite being in favor of reducing 80% of emissions by 2030 and making Germany climate-neutral by 2035.


The Free Democrats (FDP) believe that Germany should be climate-neutral by 2045, and while they reject banning car ownership, they would like to begin by implementing speed limits and favoring companies that abide by clean energy trade agreements.

The Social Democrat Party (SDP), highly in favor of forcing Germany to rely completely on renewable energy by 2040, criticized the proposal as well: “The proposal does not further our common goal of reducing CO2 emissions, but to unnecessary uncertainty for people in our country.” The SPD Bundestag faction clearly rejects driving bans for cars and lorries. Such manoeuvres would hardly advance the ongoing deliberations on the Climate Protection Act in the Bundestag, said Müller.”

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The AfD Party is the only one in Germany who believes that climate change is not a man-made phenomenon. Hence, the government is attempting to frame the AfD as far-right radicals who wish harm on all of society. The AfD has agreed to keep the restrictions of the Paris Agreement, however, but will not eliminate fossil fuels.

The Germans must understand that their politicians are failing to act in the best interest of Germany. Instead, they are acting upon the wishes of the larger globalist agenda that does not want to see a strong single economy but a unified collection of a one-world government power.

There are an estimated 49,098,685 cars on the road in Germany. This law would change the lives of countless Germans, German manufacturing, and permit the government to have untold power over the people. This is why the media has presented the only party in Germany showing resistance to the climate change agenda as a threat. The true threat are the people in Bonn and Brussels.

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