Ukraine Has Lost – Nobody Ever Expected it to Win



I appeared on Russia Today over the weekend because it is important to show the Russian people that the West is not all hateful Neocons. However, the forecasts are NEVER my personal opinion. That is why so many governments turn to us. I do not tell them only what they want to hear. Ukraine has lost. Our computer has flat-lined on its future warning: if the Ukrainian people still want to have anything left, they better dump Zelensky NOW and seek peace as he promised to get elected. Peace is ONLY attainable when there is communication.

Estonian_foreign_minister_on Ukraine

Even Estonia is courting disaster, taking direction also from the Neocons, just like Zelensky. Putin nor the Russian people want to invade Europe. If you do not NEGOTIATE instead of hurling threats, you will force them to defend themselves, but this time, China will join, and Europe will lose.

The Neocons will say whatever they need to go to war. Time Magazine reported the comments of Colin Powell who made his famous speech to sell the Iraq invasion before the United Nations. He said years later – they lied to him.

Well, I was quite surprised when it started to fall apart. You know, ‘Well, there aren’t three sources; it’s really one source.’ What? And then suddenly a number of members in the intelligence community at fairly senior levels started writing books saying, ‘Well we knew [the source of the intelligence] was flaky.’ You did?

Even Tony Blair made a public apology for all the lost lives based on the lies presented as valid intelligence reports. Yet here we go again, but this time, Russia and China do have weapons of mass destruction and will use them when they are pushed. These people will never stop. They just hate humanity and can’t sleep at night worrying that someone in the world is doing something they disapprove of.

We are being hurled into World War III, and our future of the world will be different both financially and geopolitically, all on propaganda and lies as always. Those who are so caught up in the propaganda to hate Russians, trust me, you are courting your own demise. If you think Russia can be defeated, conquered, and broken up with no harm to the USA or that China would stand by and just watch, you are a real fool. It is easy to get into war, but it NEVER ends when you thought. Blackrock and others threw in billions believing the Neocon BS that Russia is weak and this will be over in a few weeks. They will lose every dime unless Biden bails them out. Ukraine has lost. It is a shame so many people were inspired by hatred. This would be no different from expecting Cuba to defeat the United States.



Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is an exiled Russian oligarch who has now admitted he “backed the wrong horse” “Ukraine has already lost the War” he said after asking his Ukrainian “friend’s” to cover their ears. As I said on Russian TV, NOBODY expected Ukraine to win. That was the propaganda the press was given – the great battle like Star Wars fighting against the evil Empire. But this is not a movie. The Neocons wanted Ukraine to kill Russians, with no regard to how many Ukrainians would be left.



Then, they even bragged how the Ukrainians would fight to the very last man – which we are rapidly approaching.


There has never been any consideration for Ukrainian lives, and Zelensky is counting on being swept away to Miami when the last Ukrainian falls.


Ukraine_Hryvnia Y Array 5 17 24

I am sorry, but this is NOT my personal opinion. I must report what our computer projects. I have warned that Ukraine would lose. From the beginning, I would get hate mail claiming I was putting out Russian propaganda. They did not realize that they were the fools. I reported at the end of 2022 that 100,000 Ukrainians had already died. The hate mail came that such a number was Russian propaganda. Then Ursula said 100,000 in her speech, and Zelensky had her remove that information because it was “classified” information.



Churchill on Truth

My info always came from the Ukrainian side. I am not stupid – the first victim in war is always the truth. As Churchill put it, the truth needs a bodyguard of lies to protect it.Neocon 1

I am stating this now. If the Ukrainian people do not accept peace and overthrow Zelensky, who takes his orders from the Neocons and has betrayed his own country, Ukraine will not exist. The refusal to accept peace means that Russia can take all of Ukraine, and then we are looking at the stupidity of European leaders who ONLY want war to destroy Europe for a third time. This time, the monuments may not survive, ending tourism in Europe thereafter.



These Neocons have been waging war since WWII and have lost EVERY single one of them. Even MacNamara, who was the Neocon that took us into Vietnam, confessed before he died – we were wrong. It was a civil war. They thought Russia was behind that when they were not. Some 58,000 Americans died for that mistake, and countless millions of Vietnamese.


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