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The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) has introduced “Clean Power Plan 2.0” to eliminate new construction on natural gas-fired power plants and force coal-powered plants to close. This is part of the Biden-Harris plan to adhere to future net zero target emissions to combat the fabricated lie of climate change at the expense of the American people. This measure could completely decimate America’s coal industry and spike energy costs at a time when the average person has nothing left to spend.

These agencies have usurped all power away from Congress and have abandoned democracy. No one specifically voted for these measures. But we have an agency, under Biden, who can change the way the nation’s entire infrastructure is powered with the passing of a pen.

Senator Joe Manchin (I-WV), Chairman of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, has been fighting with a group of 44 senators to overturn this measure. “This new power plant rule isn’t just another bureaucratic maneuver in this administration’s strategy to end the fossil fuel industry by a thousand cuts, it’s a calculated knockout punch to the coal and natural gas industry. Make no mistake, other sources of energy are not yet ready to pick up the slack in our power system that will be created by this regulation,” Manchin explained, calling this maneuver an attempt to garner votes before the election. Simply put – the technology to power the nation on clean energy is not yet available. We cannot abandon fossil fuels without facing extreme repercussions.

Those who support the measure claim Manchin is simply from coal country West Virginia and has investments in the coal industry. They do not realize that the infrastructure to power the US on clean energy is absent and these measures will NOT help the people. It will only lead to increased costs on the basic essentials and cause the cost of living to spike.

There are over 200 coal power plants across the US that power around 20% of the nation. Coal accounted for over half of electricity in the US in the 2000s and, while more financially friendly, has been gradually phasing out. However, most of these plants were replaced by natural gas plants but that is still not enough for the climate change zealots at the EPA. Around 40% of the nation is powered by natural gas and plays a crucial role in America’s electricity generation. The EPA is now attempting to curtail 60% of America’s current power in the name of the globalist climate change agenda.

As of 2022, wind-powered electricity accounted for 10% of America’s electricity and 48% of all renewables. Hydropower comes in second, accounting for 6.2% of the nation’s energy as of 2022, while solar provides about 3.4% of America’s energy. There have been numerous issues connecting wind power to the overall grid, not to mention the environmental issues it causes to wildlife. Weather has a major impact on these structures as well as they are prone to freeze during extreme weather events. Even the experts have admitted that they could not use wind to power even half of America at this point in time without new technology.

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