The Black Death is Back

Black Death

Health agencies reported new cases of “The Black Death,” officially known as the bacterium Yersinia pestis in the United States. The plague is transmitted through fleas and is notoriously known for claiming the lives of over half of Europe’s population.

Plague can be treated successfully with antibiotics, but an infected person must be treated promptly to avoid serious complications or death,” said Alicia Solis, program manager of the Office of Communicable Disease and Emergency Preparedness at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment, in the news release. “We advise all individuals to protect themselves and their pets from plague,” the department says.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that our pets could bring the plague into our households. “A plague vaccine is no longer available in the United States. New plague vaccines are in development but are not expected to be commercially available in the immediate future,” the CDC reported on its website. Antibiotics could easily cure this ailment, but pharmaceutical companies are repeating another Warp Speed project to create a vaccination.

Black Death

Remember that the coronavirus began as something that simply infected animals, until it passed onto humans and mutated countless times. Each variation of COVID came equipped with a booster vaccine and scientists INITIALLY told us that the virus passed from animals to humans through a wet market in Wuhan, China.

This infection can also be transmitted through blood contact or inhaling droplets of infected air – sound familiar? Allegedly, over 80% of current cases in the US are in the bubonic form, which is transmitted through blood, such as a flea bite. The Mayo Clinic believes the fatality rate for this disease is around 11%, which is far higher than the deathrate for COVID.

Disease Cycle

“The plague” or “the black death” already instills fear and panic due to its notoriety during the 1300s. News outlets are already declaring cases of the black death in humans in developed nations, and news outlets are mockingbirds, repeating the line, “The plague never went away.”

Socrates has been honing in on 2026 for an uptick in the Disease Cycle, a cycle that often coincides with times of war. Ideally, this would peak around 2027, and 2028 will be when we feel the crash’s impact.

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