Rental Caps?

July 22, 2024


The Biden Administration wants to do everything to lower prices BESIDES lowering taxes. Joe Biden released a new plan that would cap rental raises at 5% annually. Landlords who have over 50 units in their portfolio would lose their tax credits if they failed to adhere to this proposed law. Yet, property taxes throughout the US increased by 6.9% in 2023 alone.

This does not factor in rising insurance premiums or rising maintenance fees. Taking the data back from before the pandemic, property taxes across the nation have risen by over 25%, steadily increasing about 5.9% each consecutive year since 2019. Now this varies widely by state and city. Charlotte, North Carolina, saw a 31.5% increase in property taxes from 2022 to 2023. Indianapolis experienced a 16.8% yearly increase. Atlanta, Georgia, and Denver, Colorado, both saw tax rates rise over 15%.

The government points to greedy landlords while failing to admit that they are shaking down their citizens and taking advantage of rising property values. The National Apartment Association (NAA), National Multifamily Housing Council, and Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) issues a letter to the president to explain that rental caps will hurt supply:

“Decades of academic research from across the United States and around the world clearly show that rent caps – more commonly known as rent control – reduce the supply of available housing and fail to target those renters who need help the most while simultaneously harming other residents and the communities they reside in. Despite President Biden’s mention of rent caps during the debate, he and his policy experts know that the real reason so many Americans struggle with housing costs is because we need to build more housing. There is no debate. Rent caps hurt renters and communities.”

Supply Demand

Housing demand outweighs the available supply. We see this issue everywhere from Canada to the UK and it has been exacerbated in recent years thanks to populations multiplying with million of incoming migrants. Around 34% of Americans rented as of 2023 (45.2 million) with 53% of renters spending over 30% of their income on rent. The old 30% figure is long outdated and it is all but assumed that most new homeowners are paying this sum due to the cost of financing the debt of a home. If these landlords simply offload their homes into the market, it will not help those who cannot afford to buy. People will not conduct business if it is not profitable and while there are greedy landlords many have been forced to raise rental prices out of necessity.

Look at San Francisco or New York City where they have implemented rent control laws. No one is going to give up a locked-in low rental and this has disproportionately affected the number of available units. Landlords have converted these properties into co-ops and condos to avoid losing out on profits. This also reduces the quality of available rentals. Why would an investor upgrade their property if they could not benefit on those upgrades? Potential investors have no incentive to create new rental units for those who cannot afford to buy because it is no longer lucrative. Supply stagnates in the long-term.

The migrant crisis truly corners every aspect of our economy and has undoubtedly hurt the number of available units. If 45.2 million rented last year and we increased the population with 8 million new migrants, that alone is a surge of over 17.65% now seeking rentals. No, they cannot secure loans or show a credit score or two years of consecutive employment. The government is willing to use taxpayer funds to house them, however, increasing the cost of living for those taxpayers.

You cannot control the free market. No one ever asks, “Has this been done before? If so, did it work?” The answer is NO. Look at Spain, Germany, Austria, or anywhere else that attempted rental caps. We are experiencing an issue of SUPPLY. Rental caps will only work to tighten the already limited supply of rentals available.

Zelensky Prepared for a Trump Presidency

July 22, 2024


Donald Trump has guaranteed to end the war in Ukraine if elected president, vowing to do so before his first day in office. The recent outpouring of support for Donald Trump has led world leaders to consider the possibility of a second Trump presidency. Perhaps no one would dread a second Trump term more than Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky, who Trump has deemed the greatest salesman in history for extorting the west for hundreds of billions while providing nothing in return.

In an interview with the BBC, Zelensky suggested that Donald Trump simply doesn’t understand the war in Ukraine. Zelensky is hoping that Britain can work with its old ally to push America into continued funding. “I don’t think Britain’s position would change,” Zelensky told the BBC. “But I would like for Prime Minister Starmer to become special – speaking about international politics, about defending world security, about the war in Ukraine.”

Sorry, but the nation primarily funding the war holds the power. We would see an America-first policy on Ukraine if Trump were elected as it is simply of no benefit to America or Americans for the war to continue.

Zelensky later complained that the billions worth of fighter jets have not arrived in Ukraine, saying that weakening Russia’s army is the only way to bring them to the negotiating table. “It doesn’t mean that all territories are won back by force. I think the power of diplomacy can help,” the Ukrainian president said, “By putting pressure on Russia, I think it is possible to agree to a diplomatic settlement.” Zelensky also noted that he would not step down from power until the war was over.


Putin offered Ukraine numerous peace deals. As of late, Putin is demanding that NATO prevents Ukraine from becoming a member, and he would like to uphold the original Minsk Agreement. The US controls NATO and could persuade the bloc to act in one way or another with Trump as POTUS. Trump has threatened to withdraw from NATO entirely which would be a massive loss of not just funding but confidence in the overall alliance.

Trump could potentially arrange land redistribution to Russia, land that has historically been Russian. Land that, in the grand scheme of things, would impact absolutely no one living in America or Europe and would have few repercussions for Ukraine aside from pride. How many lives are worth upholding that pride? However, even this part of the agreement could potentially be avoided if Ukraine were prevented from entering NATO AND Russia was not on the hook for reparations. The final peace deal would indeed need to be a truce where both sides back away gracefully. The biggest threat to Russia and world peace is Ukraine’s potential entry into NATO, which would guarantee World War III under Article V.

Putin would likely make a large gesture and sign treaties promising not to continue the war or invade any neighboring nations, despite never having plans to do so. Russia is cornered and needs a way out. A peace treaty will become impossible if allied troops become deeply entrenched in this battle. Hence, the neocons and ramping up their aid to Ukraine before the 2024 US Presidential Election in November. The time for negotiating peace is running out. Something major is slated to occur this September, and I fear it will be a push toward World War III that no incoming president could undo.

Tax Code Change for Emergency Retirement Withdrawals

July 22, 2024


Low-income Americans are in such dire straits due to the elevated cost of living that lawmakers are making changes to the tax code. No, naturally, the politicians are not voting to decrease taxes for those who can barely get by. Instead, they’re permitting Americans to pull a mere $1,000 out of their retirement accounts without penalty.

Those withdrawing emergency funds from a 401K will need to explain their hardship to their employer, but employers do not need to approve the withdrawal. The government will tax the $1,000 if it is not paid back within three years and no additional emergency withdrawals may be taken out until the money is paid back in full.

The economy is shifting into a world of haves and have-nots as the middle class diminishes. A January 2024 survey found that 60% of Americans had less than $500 in liquidity, with only 12% possessing over 12%. The debt vortex is unforgiving and all too many Americans have become trapped in a cycle of perpetually servicing new debt, similar to our Federal Reserve.


A Vanguard study found that 3.6% of the 5 million retirement accounts on record made an emergency withdrawal in 2023, moving upward from 2.8% the year prior. Bank of America and Fidelity reported similar findings last year on a quarterly basis. These people may be subjected to a 10% tax due to the early distribution because chances are they will be unlikely to pay back the funds. Credit card debt has reached a historic high in the US among every income level, so this last resort option has become unavoidable for many.

This program is an insult to the American people who contribute to our system with nothing in return. These same people who do not have a mere $1,000 for an emergency are paying into the giant Ponzi scheme that is Social Security with each paycheck. They must pay for Medicare and Medicare even if they will never use the services. They’re likely subject to an income tax depending on their state regardless of income level.  If accounting for a population of 335 million, the average American has paid about $522 in taxes toward Ukraine alone. The US is paying about $1,700 per month per illegal migrant welcomed in by the open border policy.

Then Uncle Sam comes around every April and gives the lowest paid Americans a tax refund check, failing to acknowledge that they preventing those Americans from earning interest on that money that they desperately needed. It is a grand lie that the socialist-leaning politicians care about the working man when their social programs and handouts guarantee tax increases on everyone. It is a shame that those attempting to do right by society and not leaning entirely on government assistance are punished by our tax code.

Biden Steps Down – Kamala for President! Hay?

July 21, 2024

Kamila Harris

As expected, Biden has decided he will end his reelection campaign. This is really no surprise; this 81-year-old’s fitness for office and ability to defeat former president Donald Trump has obviously been a failed quest. He simply said: “It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as your President,” adding, “And while it has been my intention to seek reelection, I believe it is in the best interest of my party and the country for me to stand down and to focus solely on fulfilling my duties as President for the remainder of my term.”

The WOKE Democrats are salivating, for they have a black woman presidential candidate

They can check two boxes!

In a separate social media post, Biden endorsed his vice president, Kamala D. Harris, to replace him as his party’s standard-bearer ahead of its national convention on August 19-22 convention (2024.632).

“Today I want to offer my full support and endorsement for Kamala to be the nominee of our party this year,” Biden said in a post shared on X. “Democrats — it’s time to come together and beat Trump. Let’s do this.”

While Kamala has said she will “earn and win this nomination,” that is nowhere assured. We have not seen an “open” convention since 1968, some 56 years ago. A virtual vote would lock in a new nominee in early August. In contrast, the other option would be an “open” convention when no candidate arrives with a clear majority of delegates. In this case, the event turns into a mini-primary in which contenders scramble to persuade delegates to vote for them. This can be chaotic; parties battle each other for the nomination—e.g., Hillary, Harris, and Newsom. Indeed, I have been told that Gavin Newsom has been preparing to be president since high school.

However, the reason Biden had to step down is that some states have August deadlines to get on the ballot for the general election. We even see early voting begin in some places by September. Nevertheless, I have been reporting that this has been the strategy all along. There has NEVER been a debate BEFORE the two are nominated. The Debate was all staged, knowing that Biden was failing. The Democrats were eating their own. Just as they told Finesteing to stay in office until she died to prevent a Republican challenger, this was taking place with Biden. He was NOT to drop out UNTIL after the Republican convention. That was to deny the Republicans making speeches against a known candidate. Trump never mentioned Biden because he also knew he would not be the candidate.

A few thousand delegates representing voters officially choose the party’s nominee, whether a convention is open or not. Typically, they select the winner of the primaries — that’s what they are sent to do, pretending your vote actually counts. The Democrats refused to allow anyone else on the Democratic ticket to pave the way for what would occur. Since Biden is the primary winner, given that nobody else is allowed to challenge him, and since he is leaving the race, all his delegates are now free agents. They get to choose a candidate independently without voter input – so much for defending democracy.

There are Pledged Delegates who are committed to supporting the candidate state voters chose. However, the Democrats have their “good conscience” clause baked into their party rules that really nullify that commitment.

That’s because of a section in the DNC rules referred to as the “good conscience” clause.

Rule 13(J) reads as follows: “Delegates elected to the national convention pledged to a presidential candidate shall in all good conscience reflect the sentiments of those who elected them.”

This rule means that the delegates are really free to vote for whoever they want –

Gavin, Hillary, or Michelle.

If the party goes ahead with a long-planned that would be a virtual vote, it could officially lock in the nominee before the convention starts on August 19th, and the contest would be over. However, in this case, a virtual vote is not a typical part of the process, and it might cause even more chaos, especially among large donors. It was primarily set up to confirm Biden as the nominee before Ohio’s ballot deadline. But that seems to be out the window now. This would also reduce the time for the party to coalesce around a new nominee when there are likely to be factional differences.

It is possible that the Democratic elite could generally agree on a candidate before the convention. In that case, the convention might technically be considered open, but the proceedings could still become chaotic with disagreements. No doubt, some Democratic leaders are arguing behind the curtain that they need to settle the question quickly to begin the campaign against Trump ASAP.

The question becomes, has Biden tipped the scales toward Harris with his 3,000 delegates showing loyalty to him on the stage? I suspect the Democratic elite are not happy with Harris either. Interestingly, if there is no consensus before the delegates arrive in Chicago, the Democrats would have their first open and contested convention since 1968 when Humphrey and Muskie faced off also in Chicago – Deja Vu. There was real chaos. The 1968 Democratic National Convention was held August 26–29th, also in Chicago (1968.652).

Democratic Open Convention

The Democrats just sent this promotional piece out asking for money – of course:

Democratic Promotion What Next 7 21 24

To get their name in the roll-call vote to become the nominee, each candidate would need the signatures of at least 300 delegates, and no more than 50 can come from any one state. That is not going to be difficult for Gavin or Hillary. We will most likely start to see balloons released based on who the contenders will likely be. Of course, there will be behind-the-curtain machinations and dealmaking to create a herd of their delegates into a voting bloc. With the stakes really high, things have gone off the rails in past open conventions. We may see this as candidates claw for every vote.

Kamala Harris will have the Clintons clamping at her feet. Harris’s approval ratings are, at best, only a tick higher than Biden’s. According to polling outfit Five Thirty Eight, only 38.6% of Americans approve of Harris while 50.4% disapprove. “If you think that there is consensus among the people who want Joe Biden to leave that they will support Kamala – Vice President Harris – you would be mistaken,” Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a Biden supporter, said on Instagram. “There’s no safe option.”

Then, there is the problem that a second vote would take place if no one has a majority. This will open the door for deal-making, and the convention would be considered “brokered,” which is a term coined long ago when party power brokers engaged in promises and arm-twisting to buy votes. The last one of those was in 1952. Most people do not know their political history. In 1952, Adlai Stevenson of the Democratic Party and Dwight D. Eisenhower of the Republican Party were both presidential nominees of their respective parties who won their nominations at brokered conventions. In 1924, the Democrats needed 103 rounds of voting to settle on a compromise candidate finally, John Davis, after the two highest vote-getters withdrew.

Biden Signs Executive Order

Practicing to sign Executive Tyrannical Orders before Leaving

Will Biden sign that Executive Order Granting Citizenship to all Illegals so they can Vote for Kamala?

and/or Start World War III sending Troops to Europe?

2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote

Let me explain something about our computer forecast here. IT DOES NOT MATTER who is the candidate. The economy will decide the election. There is still the risk of a near-term stock market crash in September, as well as the Neocons desperate to create a false flag to justify World War III with Russia BEFORE the election and then claim that Trump is a puppet of Putin because he is against war. So get ready for that claim all over again.

Trump Putin Puppet

CNN’s Report 3 Guns Fired

July 20, 2024

CNN 3 guns involved

We have these reports that the sound implied that there were three separate guns fired, and thus, there had to be a second shooter. I think if there were a second shooter, Trump would be dead. I tend to think they stood down, let it happen, and hoped for the best. The same routine in 911 – they knew and saw it, it came, and they pretended they were conquered by surprise.

Trump Assassi9nation Humor

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