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Moscow Calls on Pentagon to Ask NATO to Back Down

July 16, 2024

Russian Minister of Defense Andrey Belousov has attempted to reach out to US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin once again to remind the Pentagon that NATO is backing Russia into a corner. NATO held a summit that concluded by providing Ukraine with an additional $43 billion in aid. The call between the two leaders of defense […]

The Scrubbed BlackRock Ad

July 16, 2024   Thomas Matthew Crooks was featured in a BlackRock commercial that has since been scrubbed from the internet. The World Economic Forum-aligned company that manages $10.6 trillion in assets claims that it is a mere coincidence that Crooks was featured in their advertisement. Reporter Laura Loomer first broke the news that BlackRock was tied […]

The Propaganda Leading to the Dangerous Left

July 16, 2024   The nation was silent when President Joe Biden called Donald Trump’s supporters “domestic terrorists” who are the “greatest threat to the nation.” Demonizing Trump has extended to demonizing his supporters – over half of Americans, many of who cannot openly share their political beliefs without the fear of violence. Donald Trump has been […]

Assassinations & Markets – Divided We Stand

July 16, 2024

The attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump is reverberating around the world, to say the least. Domestically, it depends if you are a Democrat or a Republican. Each camp naturally views the event through their personal view of the world, which is basically unchangeable. If aliens landed from another planet and started wiping out […]

STAND DOWN – Let it Happen

July 15, 2024

  I have often explained that when I was in “civil contempt,” they tried to break me and prevent me from talking to my lawyers. They threw me into the “HOLE,” which was the most secure facility in the country alongside the terrorists from the first World Trade Center attack. They told my family I […]

Trust in Government – Data Aligns with ECM

July 15, 2024

Confidence in the very structure of the nation has been shaken amid this private wave where all trust in the government has been lost. A new Pew Research Center poll found that 72% of Americans believe the United States – the land of the free – is no longer a good example of democracy. Those […]

Russia Raises Taxes to Fund War

July 15, 2024

The people always lose in times of war. Vladimir Putin is looking to the Russian civilians to help fund the war that has lasted far longer than anticipated, thanks to Ukraine having backers with deep pockets. The flat tax rate of 13% that Putin implemented when he took over for Yeltsin in 2001 is being […]

China Prepares for War

July 15, 2024

China has begun using mock US fighter jets for target practice as revealed by new satellite images taken by Plant Labs. The images show F-35 and F-22 modeled aircrafts damaged on a test runway. This comes on the heels of NATO warning China to cease aiding Russia as a “decisive enabler.” The Chinese government fought […]

Congress Must Investigate INDEPENDENTLY – Nothing Adds Up

July 14, 2024 There are many now calling for a serious investigation of the Secret Service. Nevertheless, we are entitled to answers NOW and no more JFK-style investigation BS that covered up the DEEP STATE, which may be involved again. Trump now knows the game, as I do; this time, he will have his own cabinet. That […]

Secret Service Complete Failure?

July 14, 2024

QUESTION: Marty: You have been warning that Trump might be assassinated because these people are unwilling to yield power. Your gut feeling is far better than anyone I know. Your opinion is always valuable, not just Socrates. Keep it up. Jeff COMMENT: Marty, you posted on the private blog on Feb 14, 2024; “The Neocons […]

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