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Ancient Bankers Testing Methods for Counterfeits

By admin / June 14, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have mentioned that when money was gold and silver in ancient times, there was the problem of shaving the genuine coins as well as counterfeiting them. I have seen counterfeit shield for US fractional money during the 19th century, where there examples such as that to distinguish genuine from counterfeit coins? […]


Supply v Demand-Side Economic & What is Never Discussed

By admin / June 12, 2018

COMMENT: Usury, first the Fed starves we savers for return for 18 years with their zero percent interest rates and gave us two giant stock market crashes in that intervening period. The lack of return caused us to cannibalize our savings and trillions of savings lost thru the stock market crashes and ditto home equity. Then […]


The Misconception of Central Banks

By admin / June 11, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I was at the Treasury Management Association of Canada (TMAC) conference in Vancouver when you appeared as a speaker as well as Peter Detallis of the Bank of Canada if I remember his name correctly. I was there at the cocktail party when the Finance Minister of Nova Scotia said you diminished the […]


Fed is Moving to Allow Proprietary Trading Again?

By admin / June 7, 2018

  QUESTION: Why is the Fed moving to relax the Volcker Rule and allow banks to once again engage in proprietary trading? I figure if anyone knew the truth, it would be you Thank you in advance PH ANSWER: Yes, the Federal Reserve Board wants to roll back the Volcker Rule, which was imposed to […]


Making Sense of The Federal Reserve

By admin / June 4, 2018

  I was giving a lecture in Toronto to our institutional clients years ago and the central bank of Canada came with ten people. It was an interesting session because the audience began to ask me questions about what the central banks were looking at to make their decisions. I would answer and then the […]


Has Draghi Just Lost It?

By admin / May 9, 2018

QUESTION: Why are long-term yields on risky European debt below that of US Treasuries? Is this the European bubble madness? HN, Frankfurt ANSWER: This is unquestionably a bubble, but the buyer has been the ECB (European Central Bank). Yields on risky European bonds have been driven below the yields of long-dated US securities. The financial system […]


ECB is Charging the Banks for Supervising Them

By admin / May 4, 2018

Eurozone commercial banks will have to pay the European Central Bank 12% higher fees this year. The Eurozone banks must pay €474.8 million in fees for the supervisory services of the ECB. The cost of supervising the banks has risen to over €500 million and the ECB was to be paid. The ECB, on the one hand, […]


The Central Bank Crisis on the Immediate Horizon

By admin / April 18, 2018

While the majority keep bashing the Federal Reserve, other central banks seem to escape any criticism. The European Central Bank under Mario Draghi has engaged in what history will call the Great Monetary Experiment of the 21st Century – the daring experiment of negative interest rates. A look behind the scenes reveals that this experiment has […]


Draghi Confirms ECB Will not End QE

By admin / April 13, 2018

    Mario Draghi is by no means going to stop his Quantitative Easing program. All my sources behind the curtain express fear what will happen when Draghi leaves. Who will buy the government debt and who will keep subsidizing the governments of the Eurozone? Draghi has not merely declined to end Quantitative Easing, he has […]


Central Banks are not All the Same

By admin / April 8, 2018

QUESTION: Hi Marty, I am curious if you have a take on the BOJ. They own almost all of the JJB market and have stated explicitly they will buy it all. Now they own 77% of the Japanese ETF market. Is it folly to suggest that the US gov’t or FED is not doing the exact […]

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