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Clinging to Old Theories of Inflation

By admin / September 14, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I think I am starting to understand your view of inflation. It is very complex. I think some people cannot think beyond a simple one dimension concept as you often say. So I am trying to be more dynamic in my thinking process. Here you point out that when debt is collateral […]


Who is the Fool? Trump or Woodward?

By admin / September 13, 2018

According to CNBC, Bob Woodward reported that Trump told Gary Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs/director of the National Economic Council to just print more money to reduce the national debt. Woodward reports this discussion:   Trump: “Just run the presses—print money.” Cohn: “You don’t get to do it that way. We have huge deficits and they […]


Influence & Ranks

By admin / September 9, 2018

COMMENT: Marty; Did you know that your site is listed in the top 20 economic sites in the world? You are in the top 20 with Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, London FT, and even  Brookings Ben Bernanke’s Blog. The rest of the list includes the Economic Policy Institute, Economics & Statistics Administration, and The Berkeley Blog Business & […]


The Significance of the Velocity of Money

By admin / August 31, 2018

QUESTION: Greetings Marty, I have followed you since the old Money Radio days! Can you help me understand the disparity between the declining velocity of money, the growth of the economy and what the natural consequence may be? Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge! Regards, MRM   ANSWER: Oh yes. Buzz Schwartz […]


Why are Robots Changing the Future?

By admin / August 30, 2018

QUESTION: Do you think that robots will eliminate a lot of jobs in the future? EH ANSWER: Yes. But you have to understand WHY are we even turning to robots. The answer to that question is TAXES & SOCIALISM! The bottom line is rather blunt. Any routine job that can be replaced by allowing the consumer […]


Currency Inflation That Most Never Noticed

By admin / August 27, 2018

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I find your anecdotes fascinating and very enlightening how you always bought German cars and made money on them.  Is currency the primary reason people often think something is a good investment when in fact it is really just currency fluctuations? PVB ANSWER: You are hitting the nail right on the head. The decline […]


Modern Love – Internet – Changing Patterns in Marriage/Divorce

By admin / August 21, 2018

COMMENT: I enjoyed your article on gold and how trends change with the generations. I find it very true that my children looked at me with my silver bars and just asked so what can you really do with it? I have watched the youtube video when people choose the chocolate bar over a bar […]


Who is the Fool? The Borrower or the Lender?

By admin / August 20, 2018

Many people worry about over-indebtedness and point to a default of borrowers. It is interesting how the view of debt is always the low-life borrower. In reality, the real stupidity rests with the lender. Many are pointing to US corporate debt and stating that it has grown to an estimated US $ 7 trillion and they […]


Will Inflation Return to the Eurozone?

By admin / August 18, 2018

There are three distinct types of inflation – Demand, Asset & Currency. The major type of inflation that everyone assumes is DEMAND. This unfolds when there is actually an economic boom and people have confidence in the economy. Asset Inflation is when there is no real demand from the consumer but the asset values rise […]


The Minsky Moment

By admin / August 11, 2018

A number of people have asked if I ever looked at Hyman Minsky’s concepts in forecasting the economy. Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis failed not because of the fact that he attempted to interject cycles and even listened to Schumpeter, the problem was that he was an economist and not a trader. His own attempts to devise a […]

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