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England to Roll Out Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot

June 6, 2023

England will provide thirty individuals £1,600 per month to study Guaranteed Basic Income, also known as Universal Basic Income (UBI). The pilot program will monitor these individuals for two years to see how they put the money to use. As I noted in the blog post about the Cloward-Piven study, there must be no conditions […]

Eugenics in Europe – Women with Disabilities Forcibly Sterilized

June 6, 2023

The year is 2023 — our top leaders cannot define the term “woman,” so why should they be protected? We know about the ongoing eugenics program in Canada under the expansion of MAID, but no one discusses the forced sterilization of girls and women across the European Union. Yes, the European Union. People are in […]

Biden Backed BlackRock’s Push for the ESG

June 5, 2023

(images directly from BlackRock’s website – click on them to enlarge) The first bill that President Joe Biden vetoed was a bill intended to dissolve the ESG climate social credit score. The bill passed 50-46 in the Senate before being destroyed by Biden. Out of all the issues facing America, Biden chose to use his […]

Credit Card Debt on the Rise

June 5, 2023

Credit card debt in the US spiked to its highest quarterly level in Q4 2022 after increasing by $85.8 billion. The average American household has about $10,000 in credit card debt, marking an 8.9% YoY increase. Now, Americans are facing $1 trillion in credit card debt due to rising APR and inflation. The Federal Reserve […]

Why Men Excel in Sports

June 5, 2023

Women are being forced out of athletics. Facts over feelings, but biological males are athletically superior to women. Numerous successful female athletes have been forced into early retirement due to men competing as women. The men who compete against women would be considered mediocre in the men’s categories but are breaking records as women. Men […]

Can Trump End the Ukraine War in 24 hrs?

June 4, 2023   This war could be ended in 24 hours. (1) stop all money going to Ukraine, (2) threaten to freeze all their assets, (3) threaten to remove Ukraine from SWIFT, (4) Order Ukraine to honor the Minsk Agreement. To Russia: (1) Lift all sanctions (2) No NATO training or weapons for Ukraine (3) Ukraine […]

Why the United States Will Fall

June 4, 2023

  This is why the United States is dead. It can no longer stand united and, like Ukraine, we too will simply have to split. There should be a property swap where Democrats leave the Red States and go to the Blue States and vice versa. This is how empires always die. They collapse from […]

Interview: The Fall of Western Civilization

June 3, 2023

Watch the video above or click here to view the latest interview. Martin Armstrong returns to the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Podcast to discuss: what Socrates is saying about the 2024 election, the likelihood that CBDCs will not succeed based on what happened in Africa, the fall of Western Civilization, where the elites want […]

The Great Awakening

June 2, 2023

Watch the Official Trailer for Plandemic 3 – The Great Awakening below: — PLANDEMIC (@Plandemic3Movie) May 31, 2023   The post The Great Awakening first appeared on Armstrong Economics.

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