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EU Proposes New Climate Target for 2040

February 8, 2024

The European Union is leading the climate change psyop and releasing recommendations that are completely unattainable and unnecessary. Brussels would now like to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an astonishing 90% by 2040. “Setting a 2040 climate target will help European industry, investors, citizens and governments to make decisions in this decade that will keep […]

Surviving Nuclear War

February 3, 2024

  COMMENT: I just read Newsweek. I now know why you live on the beach. You can convert the water to fresh and live off of seaweed. Very interesting. Paul REPLY: Paul, I also like the fresh air, the white sand, blue water, and the sky is different every day.

Mona Lisa & Climate Change

February 2, 2024

  Last weekend, some Climate Change Activists entered the Louvre Museum in Paris and splashed carrot soup on the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Those involved in this Climate Change agenda are complete fools, and it is easy to see how brainwashed these people are, just like some young Arab convinced he will get […]

Winter Woes – Green New Deal Turns Deadly

January 17, 2024

Over 150 million Americans are under a winter chill advisory due to life-threatening temperatures. Every state besides Hawaii has issued some form of caution to residents as nearly 80% of the nation faces below-freezing weather. Extreme weather highlights the importance of fossil fuels, as there is NO reliable alternative. Texas is on the verge of […]

UN: Natural Disasters Do Not Exist

January 3, 2024

The globalists at the United Nations need the masses to believe that they are solely responsible for the changing climate. They cannot usurp power and modify our way of life if the masses do buy into the climate change agenda. The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) has declared “natural disasters” to be […]

Climate Change – You Are the Problem

December 31, 2023

Let’s get real. The entire nonsense of climate change is camouflage for the real agenda of reducing the population. Bill Gates has been funding this and reducing the people, for you are the carbon he wants to eliminate. This entire idea that was stuffed into his head by his father dates back to Malthus. They […]

Massive Dark Hole Opens in the Sun – We are in a Solar MINIMUM  

December 26, 2023

An enormous dark hole has opened up in the surface of the sun, emitting streams of unusually fast radiation, known as solar wind, right at Earth. The size of the temporary gap is wider than 60 Earths and extraordinary at this stage of the solar cycle. This phenomenon, known as a coronal hole, took shape […]

Destroying Farmland to Reduce Population

December 19, 2023

Everywhere you look, there is this scheme to reduce farming, which will reduce population. That was the whole theory of Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) that the population would surpass the ability to grow food. That is the agenda. Wind generators or solar panels consume one-third of the farmland worldwide. This is what has inspired this thinking […]

Canada Limiting Oil and Gas Industry Emission

December 8, 2023

Canada has announced a plan to use a cap-and-trade system to impose greenhouse gas emission limits on its oil and gas industry. Under the “draft framework,” Canada will issue emissions allowances to oil and gas producers, which will be capped at levels between 35% and 38% below 2019 levels, beginning in 2030. The government will […]

Climate Crowd Coming for Cooling Appliances

December 7, 2023

Davos man John Kerry is continuing to “pledge” for stricter regulations on behalf of the people after the United Nations climate change summit (COP28). He already committed $3 billion to eliminating coal and believes emissions could be slashed by 68% come 2050. Now, John Kerry is out to eliminate the energy we use to cool […]

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