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Italy & the Euro

By admin / December 4, 2019

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong, When will the Euro begin the final drop against the USD? My second question is property in Italy seems to be rising. Is this what you referred to a currency inflation? CDP ANSWER: The decline in the euro since 2008 has been steady, but gradual to some extent. The EU government […]


Would Maggie Thatcher have Been Remain or for Brexit?

By admin / October 18, 2019

COMMENT: You and Maggie could have solved BREXIT in a week! HS REPLY: She would have done precisely that. Of course, they staged a coup against her to take the UK into the euro. She was not against the EU as long as it remained a trade union. We had discussions on that subject. Maggie […]


Europe – How Bad Can This Get?

By admin / October 11, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Marty, I’m based here in South of England, within the commuter belt into London. The ECM forecasts an economic downturn 18.01.2020, and Europe looks to be at the epicentre. My own research tells me the job cuts in the auto sector in Germany are quite severe. How does all this play out after […]


The Propaganda Trade on the Pound – History Repeats

By admin / August 21, 2019

COMMENT: Dear Marty, In your recent blog about BREXIT and the Yellow Hammer leak, you say: “British pound is still under pressure as the propaganda machine is in full force”. Surely anyone can see is that the £ falls whenever no-deal propaganda is in the ascendancy, and £ rises when Remain or Brexit with a […]


What Makes Currencies Rise & Fall in Value?

By admin / August 15, 2019

QUESTION: What makes currencies rise & fall in value? CC ANSWER: Many people want to reduce this to a logical explanation. It reminds me of when I testified before Congress at the House Ways & Means Committee. They had to put me on a panel with academics. I told them to make me last. The […]


Has the “Smart Money” Entered the US Share Market Yet?

By admin / August 14, 2019

QUESTION: Dear Armstrong, According to Dow, a bull market has 3 phases, the final being the distribution by the smart money to the public. You stated that retail is still not participating. Could this be why the market appears to be unable to stop going up? Because the smart money continually fail to entice the […]


China & Buying Gold – Why?

By admin / April 17, 2019

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I believe you said at the WEC in 2017 that central banks will diversify and increase their gold reserves going into the currency crisis coming in 2021. China has continued to increase its gold reserves. You would please update on that development. Thank you PK ANSWER: Central banks are in a very […]


Euro Declining as a World Currency in Global Transactions

By admin / January 22, 2019

While the dollar haters are constantly calling for its demise, when we look at the stats, we see a very different picture. Since 2005, the euro’s share of bank loans has collapsed from 30% of the world market to just 20%, while the Greenback has soared from 60% to now 70% of world debt transactions. […]


Euro Interest Rates

By admin / June 28, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You have obviously been correct on the Euro. You even called the bounce but it stopped at 1.2550 and did not reach your ideal target of 1.28. You are saying that interest rates in Europe are more likely to rise faster than the ECB predicts. The French central banker Francois Villeroy de Galhau […]

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