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Poland – The Next Crisis for the EU – Independent Sovereignty is the Issue

May 3, 2017

  Poland represents a major threat to the EU. The entire idea of the EU was the propaganda that Member States would successively grow into a real Union through a longer integration process. GDP was supposed to grow, not decline, and the threat of war would vanish by surrendering sovereignty to Brussels. In reality, the […]

Tax Authorities Still Hunting for More

April 9, 2017

Credit Suisse was raided in the hunt for tax money all throughout Europe. They took out ads last Sunday in the Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and Observer in London, all saying that they were a “response to recent reports about tax probes in various European countries”. The hunt for taxes has continued to target Switzerland […]

Jeroen Dijsselbloem insults Half of Europe

March 24, 2017

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Eurogroup President, has launched a storm of indignation as he insults half of Europe, illustrating the clash between the North and South. Dijsselbloem said of Southern Europe: “I can not spend all my money on liquor and women and then ask for your support.” This is how far politicians are disconnected from reality. Dijsselbloem will not […]

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