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Australia and India Form an Alliance to Lessen Reliance on China

By admin / May 5, 2022

Trade tension between China and Australia has hit a new peak, with Australia now seeking to limit trade with China entirely. Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that India will replace China in trade. “For economic reasons, we’re gonna [sic] have to replace China in supply chains and frankly, there is no better substitute […]


Indian Elections – Also to be Concluded May 23rd, 2019

By admin / April 30, 2019

In India, the Indian Railways posted 90,000 job vacancies. 28 million candidates applied, which was about the entire equivalent of the British workforce. India’s general elections for the lower house of the Parliament started on April 11 and will conclude on May 23. The political party or the coalition of parties that wins a majority of the […]


India v Pakistan & the 2019/2020 Turning Point

By admin / March 14, 2019

The last time that Indian and Pakistan were at war was back in 1971. Our War Model turned up in 1964 and indeed it marked the beginning of the US Vietnam War. In reality, the separation or the partition of India took place in 1947 based upon religion. The British created two independent dominions, India and Pakistan. […]


India & the Emerging Market Crisis

By admin / September 27, 2018

India’s financial markets are in the throes of this Emerging Market crisis. The Mumbai-based Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS) is an over 30-year-old infrastructure lending giant that claims to have helped develop and finance projects worth $25 billion in Asia’s fastest-growing economy. The company recently defaulted on debt payments because it ran out of cash. […]


India Enters the Sovereign Debt Crisis

By admin / February 22, 2018

I have warned continually that the Sovereign Debt Crisis will unfold not so much by people selling government debt, but by the lack of people buying new debt. The greatest peril is when there is NO BID for the new issues because all governments are operating a PONZI scheme. They sell new debt to pay off maturing debt. […]


Modi Has Sent More People Fleeing from India Than At Any Previous Time

By admin / February 6, 2018

Politicians just do not get it. They have convinced themselves that they can tax whatever they desire and people have no choice but to pay. Missing in their analysis are two influences (1) people just stop earning income for it reaches a point it is not worth working anymore, and (2) you simply pick-up and […]


India is the Guinea Pig for Electronic Money

By admin / January 4, 2017

QUESTION: Dear Marty, What could be the true intentions of Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi in India cancelling the currency overnight. I have been suspecting some foul in his demonetisation move but cannot correctly understand why he did it? Counterfeit currency, Black money, prevent terrorism all his publicised motives have been shown false. If this move […]


2017 is Looking More Optimistic Than Ever

By admin / January 2, 2017

The only thing about international trade is that someone cannot have a trade surplus without another experiencing a trade deficit. We all cannot have trade surpluses simultaneously and we have to begin understanding this reality. The net capital movements around the world are showing clear signs that things will be intensifying and the net capital […]


Clarification on India’s Gold Confiscation

By admin / December 23, 2016

To make it clear, India is not going door to door to confiscate gold any more than FDR did. The reason so many $20 gold coins have survived is because there was no door to door confiscation. Banks and corporations who had records of gold were forced to turn their gold over and then FDR […]


Australia Looking Into Cancelling the $100 Bill

By admin / December 19, 2016

The Australian federal government is planning a full assault on the black or underground economy by appointing a taskforce who will consider the future of the $100 note and bans on cash payments over a certain level. Australia, like everyone else, is facing a monetary crisis whereby the current system of taxes and social programs […]

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