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Free Healthcare in California

January 3, 2024

  Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced that California will be providing healthcare free of charge! The only caveat is that you must be an illegal migrant who does not contribute to the state’s economy. Around 700,000 migrants in California will now receive tax-payer subsidized healthcare. Newsom’s plan is the largest expansion of insurance coverage since […]

Kamala Harris – Medicare for All

August 19, 2019

QUESTION: Marty, what do you make of Harris’s Medicare-for-all plan joining Bernie Sanders? Is this just another way the destroy the society? HY ANSWER: There is a HUGE problem nobody seems willing to address. People compare US healthcare costs to those of places like Britain. The problem is that we have a private system and […]

German Healthcare Deficit 300% Greater than Expected Due to Refugees

June 6, 2018

Healthcare costs have been exploding even in Germany. The revisions in healthcare of about two years ago did expand the coverage, but the expanded costs were completely unexpected. That means Germany is also looking to now raise taxes to cover the higher costs due to their legislative reforms. The reforms have brought in more people in need of care and relatives than expected. Currently, the […]