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The Coming Crisis – What to Watch?

By admin / January 20, 2020

QUESTION: Dear Martin – We owe your respect for what you are doing and I wanna say thanks for educating your followers like me. With the issue of this growing international crisis, are you able to provide ideas on what the triggers maybe when it begins to come out of the surface? What can we […]


Could the Fed Ever Exit the Repo Market?

By admin / January 13, 2020

It is stunning how after more than three months, the analysis on the repo market is still nowhere close to reality. I believe that those in the trenches are, like me, afraid to really explain what is taking place for fear they will be blamed for creating a financial panic. The popular explanation in September […]


Can Central Banks Ever Control Long-Term Rates?

By admin / January 9, 2020

QUESTION: Marty, you said that central banks can only control short-term rates not long-term. Do you see a scenario where they could control the long-term rates? Thank you for your insight DH ANSWER: If you ASSUME that there is a free market, then the answer is no possible way. Under a hybrid market, a central […]


How Will Europe Respond to Being the Source of the Crisis?

By admin / January 7, 2020

QUESTION: Dear Martin, You have discussed the structural design flaw in the euro being due to the lack of consolidation of EU countries’ debt, as well as, EU policies that prohibit bank bailouts. Why could EU policies regarding the prohibition of bank bailouts just not be changed to allow for bailouts? If I understand correctly, […]


Repo Crisis for Year-End

By admin / December 31, 2019

  The Repo Crisis for year-end has had the Fed pumping in a staggering amount of about $234 billion into the repo markets. They are exchanging high-quality capital for cash to suppress market volatility and maintain the central bank’s overnight funds level, which is used as a benchmark for multiple other short-term interest rates within […]


The Reality of Crises

By admin / December 16, 2019

QUESTION: Martin- I am a recent new member and just finished reading the REPO Crisis Report. As an individual, not an institution, it was a steep price but well worth it. Thank you. My question is this…..what the hell does everyone expect to happen? Here is a short list of everything we know to be […]


Repo & Disinformation

By admin / December 13, 2019

QUESTION #1: Would you comment on Zoltan Pozsar of Credit Suisse calling this QE4 for year-end. QUESTION #2: Martin, You said that the Fed didn’t raise rates a few days ago because the Repo crisis won’t let them. Interestingly, Trump hasn’t blasted Fed chairman Powell for not lowering rates more over the past few weeks. Do […]


Why the Fed Is Not Lowering Rates

By admin / December 12, 2019

  COMMENT: Thanks so much for your explanation of the Repo Crisis which is now self-evident that the Fed has reversed course and did not cut rates. You are always on the cutting edge and your contacts are revealed in your analysis. PV REPLY: The central bank has been in control of short-term rates, not […]


The Mother of All Financial Crises on Schedule

By admin / December 6, 2019

QUESTION: Can you elaborate on the Mother of all Financial Crises? HV ANSWER: Sorry, no. I have put this together in a special report. I really do not wish to discuss this publicly. I will only be blamed for starting a panic as they have done every time before. So best to keep confidential. Clients […]


European Banks to be Prohibited from Dealing in Repo?

By admin / December 5, 2019

QUESTION: Mr Armstrong, I have great respect for your work. Can you explain how the Fed’s QE fits into the cycle of things. It seems to me that their interference in the markets is disrupting/altering the cycle. For example, the latest Fed purchases of T-bills every month in the amount of $60. Who are they […]

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