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Hoarding Gold & Dollars in Europe

August 30, 2019

QUESTION: Marty, living in Europe where the talk about the elimination of cash is loud I am asking myself what is planned for foreign currencies, e.g. USD, one holds in cash at home? They can´t forbid it because foreign exchange is needed for traveling. Even when they forbid it, there must be the possibility to […]

There are more $100 Bills in Circulation than $1 Bills

August 22, 2019

There are now officially more $100 bills in circulation than $1 bills. The interesting aspect is that when we dig deeper, what is revealed is the fact that the bulk of them are being hoarded outside the United States. This is very interesting for we see the same basic trend emerging from the dollar v […]

Bitcoin v Gold

March 23, 2019

QUESTION: Do you think that Bitcoin will replace gold as some people claim it is some new reserve asset? Thank you for being the voice of reason in the middle of all these people preaching their own position. GD ANSWER: That is really a bizarre question. I do not see how that is possible. As […]

The Origin of Contagions lies in the Common Reserve Currency

July 5, 2018

The question of money supply and inflation has been erroneously set in stone philosophically predominantly by the debasement of Spain and Britain during the period of Henry VIII. This was really a period where there were various countries and their currency completely relied on the exchange market in Amsterdam, which was based entirely upon their metal […]

The Coming Central Bank Crisis

May 15, 2017

  I have warned that whenever a government creates a solution to any crisis, that solution becomes the next crisis. This is what I have called the Paradox of Solution.The unfolding of the exit of the central banks from the Quantitative Easing monetary policy will become a much more serious threat to the financial markets than […]