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Australia and India Form an Alliance to Lessen Reliance on China

By admin / May 5, 2022

Trade tension between China and Australia has hit a new peak, with Australia now seeking to limit trade with China entirely. Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that India will replace China in trade. “For economic reasons, we’re gonna [sic] have to replace China in supply chains and frankly, there is no better substitute […]


Trade Negotiations

By admin / June 17, 2019

QUESTION: Mr Armstrong In your opinion of Trump’s trade war policy, you disagree with him because it makes China look weak. What is your solution when the real problem is China stealing intellectual property and they have been called out on it. A person or party always looks weak when they get caught doing something […]


The International Unit of Account

By admin / June 6, 2019

QUESTION: I only recently learned of your material and am still digesting it. I appreciate that you encourage critical thinking. I hope you find my questions of the same spirit. In your recent article “Are Two-Tier Monetary Systems a Possible Tool?”, you illustrated how South Africa’s experience could provide an example for nations wanting to […]


Why Are Capital Controls Destructive?

By admin / June 3, 2019

QUESTION: Controls v Protectionism If capital controls would be such destructive measure, then China already has in place what one would consider Capital Controls and if they were to lift their control a lot of money will leave China – why is that not destructive: as you mention that the centre of finance will move […]


Polarization of the World in Trade & Taxes is Destroying Western Economies

By admin / May 30, 2019

  While there is a grave danger many speak of with trade wars creating protectionism, that is merely a reaction to the economic decline in the West. It is not merely trade wars; it is appearing also in tax wars. Germany bribing Swiss bankers to get names of Germans with accounts in Germany illustrates that […]


World Trade

By admin / May 29, 2019

COMMENT: Hi Marty I agree with Trump. Assembling in the U S is not sufficient. We need the supply chain parts (eg manufacturing ) in the US. What do we do when we get in a war with say China – do we submit an order to china for parts to assemble a ship? Does […]


World Trade & Competitive Advantage

By admin / May 27, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Marty, I was surprised to see this post. While I can understand from a dollars and cents perspective you may be for global trade and globalism itself, the American worker and American domestic businesses have suffered greatly in the last twenty years since jobs and companies moved to China and then sell us […]


Trump’s National Security Claims for Autos

By admin / May 21, 2019

Toyota has criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to declare some auto sector imports a national security threat. They say it sends a message that Japan’s largest carmaker isn’t welcome in the United States. Trump has used the threat of “national security” as the excuse for a trade war. His policies on trade are very old […]


Understanding How Free Trade is Circumvented

By admin / October 11, 2018

QUESTION: Hi Martin, I just read your blog on the new NAFTA. One important point that you missed is the control the new agreement gives to the US over Canada in it’s trade deals it makes with other countries, (China being the target) The US gets to review all deals before they are signed and give […]


The US Mexico & Canada Trade Deal Replaces NAFTA

By admin / October 9, 2018

The new Trade Agreement between Mexico and Canada (USMCA) and the United States over which Trump has been so criticized for was obviously necessary from a number of perspectives. The new USMCA is drafted as a new stand-alone trade agreement, rather than amendments to NAFTA. It includes transition provisions dealing with NAFTA, some modifications to those […]

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