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Putin on Sanctions & the BRICS Boogeyman

February 13, 2024

I do not advise governments to use sanctions for leverage due to the economic implications that may take time to materialize. In April 2020, I wrote, “Once you impose sanctions, you create a cold war. Look at Russia. Nixon opened China to divide and conquer. Are we really that stupid to close China and encourage […]

Mexico Dethrones China as America’s Largest Exporter

February 9, 2024

Based on data from the US Commerce Department, China is no longer America’s top supplier of goods. Imported goods from Mexico rose by around 5% from 2022 to 2023, totaling over $475 billion. Mexico has not surpassed China in exports to the US since 2002, marking a drastic shift in overall trade as tensions continue […]

European Central Bank Prepares for Trump Victory

February 5, 2024

On the stage at Davos, European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde took a long pause when asked about the 2024 US Presidential Election. The mere question made the room erupt in laughter. “It is for the American people to decide what they want with their politics, with their government with  their future,” she diplomatically replied, […]

McDonald’s Bets on China

January 18, 2024

My humorous post about McDonald’s celebrating Davos with the McKlaus bug burger deluxe was a pretend advertisement, for now, but McDonald’s is a World Economic Forum partner. This is relevant as McDonald’s is the second-largest private employer in the world. Their chains run across 100 countries, in nearly 40,000 stores, serving about 69 million customers […]

Polish Trucker and Farmer Protests Nearing Resolution

January 9, 2024

Ukrainian goods are flooding into the European Union through neighboring nations and undermining business. Poland-Ukraine relations have turned sour in recent months as both truckers and farmers from the former believe EU regulations are favoring Ukraine’s economy over their own. Truckers in Poland began blocking four ports of entry from Ukraine in November. Polish farmers […]

The Next Supply Chain Crisis?

January 8, 2024

The kids Obama attempted to bomb in Yemen all those years ago grew up fast. They’ve now formed surprisingly efficient militias who hate the West and have become powerful enough to impact global trade. Yemeni Houthi rebels are blocking carriers from passing through the Suez Canal and have created near pandemic-level disruptions to the supply […]

Egypt Offers Hamas a Peace Deal

December 29, 2023

Egypt has attempted to remain neutral amid the Israel-Palestine war. The nation was one of the first in the region to secure its own border and deny refugees. But now Egypt is requesting an end to the death and destruction and has proposed a truce to Hamas. Nations historically rarely accept peace deals offered by […]

Intel Invests $25 Billion in Israeli Manufacturing

December 27, 2023

Israel cannot lose the war. It is a vassal state created and funded by the West. Palestine’s allies simply cannot defeat the nations who have big plans for the future of Israel. We know about the nuclear power plant in Israel installed by the West to gain a stronghold on the Middle East. We know […]

India Sets Export Restrictions on Popular Ingredient

December 11, 2023

Onions are the latest food staple facing extensive export restrictions in an effort to control domestic prices ahead of India’s 2024 national election. The Indian government has banned the export of onions until March 31, following similar measures for wheat and rice. These actions aim to boost domestic food supply and shield consumers from rising […]

China Extends Olive Branch to US

November 17, 2023

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit concluded with China and the US agreeing to partner on trade military strategy. The love-hate relationship between America and its largest trading partner has been strained for may years and completely counterproductive. China’s President Xi Jinping made it clear to Biden that the US is either for or against […]

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