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Dow Down this Week with Hillary & Rate Hikes

By admin / September 12, 2016

We should see a new low this week in the share markets as concern over a rate hike hits the markets globally coming from the Fed and Hillary they have finally said on Sunday has pneumonia. We will provide the timing arrays for this week on the Private Blog for client eyes only.


Dow How & Why

By admin / September 12, 2016

COMMENT:  Hello, First of all, I´m impressed.Really, you basically called the Drop in the Dow a few Days before it happened. How did you put together the crash of 1929 & 1987 in Correlation with the Labor Day we had in 2016? It doesn’t crash every year like this right?  Was this your expierience as […]


The Week in Review for the Dow

By admin / September 10, 2016

Well the week after Labor Day has lived up to its reputation. The Dow crashed on time, but the burning question is – will it follow-through? The Dow peaked on the 6th following Monday’s closing. It elected the first Daily Bearish Reversal on the 7th when it closed by 18533. Obviously, we did elect the […]


The New Highs in US Share Market Are they the Prelude to a Crash?

By admin / August 14, 2016

Finally, the Dow made new highs in the face of constant calls for a crash. This past week, in a horse race we would call it a trifecta where the Dow Jones Industrials,  S&P 500,and  the NASDAQ all made new record highs.  This sent a bunch of analysts to look again and began to proclaim […]


You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

By admin / August 6, 2016

COMMENT: Marty; I watched the monthly numbers you gave for the close of July. The stock market gave a buy signal and gold failed again to close above your buy signal. I have to say, this is really amazing. Your reversals put it very black and white. If you ignore the human second guessing, it is […]


Dow Summary for the Close of the Week

By admin / August 5, 2016

The bulk of the people remain bearish yet always call for a major crash. All I can say is that the patterns are not anything like what these people as saying that a 9-day straight decline is always followed by a crash. The market is by no means over bought or in some dangerous extended […]

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