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British Lab Admits They Cannot Confirm Russia was the Source of the Poisin in the Spy Case

By admin / April 4, 2018

Russia has called upon the Hague’s executive council of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), to challenge the allegations of Britain that it was responsible for the poisoning of the double-agent. British scientists at the Porton Down have admitted now that the nerve agent used to poison cannot be traced to Russia. Nevertheless, they […]


New California Rebels Against Tyranny of the Majority

By admin / March 12, 2018

The movement within California to split the state between Republican v Democrat has passed the first hurdle in becoming the 51st State. The movement is called the New California. They read their own Declaration of Independence on the floor of the State Senate. Their position reflects the serious divide within this country of left v right. […]


Reality of Being a Chief Economic Advisor

By admin / March 11, 2018

QUESTION: I thank God that your are here in my lifetime. The information you freely impart is priceless and I can’t wait to read your daily Posts. I believe that it would be incredibly wise if President Trump were to invite you to replace Gary Cohen as his Chief Economic Advisor. My question is regarding the […]


Gary Cohn Resigns from Trump Administration – Good Riddance!

By admin / March 8, 2018

The drop in the market yesterday was widely attributed to Gary Cohn resigning from the Trump Administration over his tariff policy. That must be a real shock because Gary Cohn has resigned as White House chief economic advisor. The press attributes Cohn’s planned departure comes on the heels of a decision by President Donald Trump […]


Italian Elections – Another Nail in the Coffin of Brussels?

By admin / March 6, 2018

The Italian election results are in and once again it demonstrates that correlating economics with voting, you end up with a far more accurate forecast. Trying to predict based upon samples of calling people appears to be not merely questionable, but also prone to human bias. We have been warning that this trend toward nationalism […]


Germany Gets a Grand Coalition

By admin / March 5, 2018

The SPD members voted by a two-thirds majority for their party’s entry into a renewed grand coalition. The acting Social Democrats (SPD) party leader Olaf Scholz came out and said: “We now have clarity: The SPD will enter the next federal government.” The SPD had no choice. The polls showed if they returned and put it to […]


Should Hospitals be NATIONALIZED?

By admin / February 27, 2018

The symbol of medicine comes from a small town located on the Peloponnese in Greece known as Epidaurus. People would travel there to pray for their health to Asclepius (Greek: Ἀσκληπιός) who was the god of medicine in ancient Greek religion and mythology. Asclepius represented the healing aspect of the medical arts. They would pray to his […]


Feinstein Fails to Win Democratic Endoresement

By admin / February 26, 2018

We are witnessing the rebuke of career politicians by career politicians. The California Democratic Party took a vote and it concluded it will not endorse Senator Dianne Feinstein’s re-election bid this year. Feinstein is 84 and the oldest politician there who wants to run for another 6-year term. The delegates at the party’s annual convention […]

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