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Real Estate & the Financial Crisis

By admin / March 13, 2017

QUESTION: Hello Armstrong, Thank for you the great post “The Future – Putting it All Together”. It helps a lot to get a good overview, considering everything is connected. One question, you say “Real estate is nice for some part of a cash holding, but it is taxed to hold it and it is not liquid.” […]


Real Estate – the Faces of Buyers

By admin / March 12, 2017

QUESTION:  Dear Mr. Armstrong, as a daily reader of your blog I noticed the recent comment on the norweigian real estate market. You wrote that it was capital flight from the eurozone that made the prices go higher. Parking, not speculation, It seemed, in the light of everything, as a very natural development. As the […]


Merkel to Regulate Real Estate Loans

By admin / October 27, 2016

Merkel wants to regulate real estate loans in Germany. The Federal Government is planning to implement extensive regulations on real estate loans. Among other things, debtors will be required under certain circumstances to repay their loans within a given period. The Federal Government said on Monday that the draft law should be followed by recommendations […]


Real Estate Comes in Different Flavors

By admin / September 27, 2016

QUESTION: So i read your article ” Germany About to Raise Property Taxes Significantly “. It is really amazing to read such a piece. It shows me how important Correlations are. Im eager to learn and i hope i can educate myself by reading a book written by you. My question is, is it correct, that […]


Germany About to Raise Property Taxes Significantly

By admin / September 24, 2016

The greatest problem with real estate is you cannot pick up and leave. The Federal Council in Germany is planning to re-evaluate the approximately 35 million homes in Germany. It is now expected that the result is likely to be a significant increase in the property tax. Administrative expenses for the state fund-raising action is very significant and […]


Swiss Real Estate Turning Down

By admin / September 15, 2016

It was inevitable that the Swiss market would turn down once it surrendered its banking advantage. The flight from the euro help to mask that decline and transformed it into speculation. Now in Switzerland, we have reach record highs for the past 15 years in vacant single-family houses and apartments reaching 56,518 according to the Federal […]


Real Estate Turning Down

By admin / September 9, 2016

I have explained that watch the core regions in real estate and you will forecast the rest. Real estate booms and busts always begin in the core regions. As that property rises sharply, people begin to buy what is cheaper the next two over. This is the process of the economic wave in real estate […]


The Condo Market Turning Down

By admin / August 26, 2016

The condo bubble has broken in many markets. Even rentals in Miami and other prime markets have begun to decline. In part, the rise in the dollar is now curtailing foreign investment. Likewise, I personally know some British friends who are selling property in the states to take advantage of the huge profit in the drop in the pound when converting back […]


Is the Housing Market Collapsing?

By admin / August 2, 2016 Well, home ownership in America is falling to a 51.6-year low. The actual share of Americans who own their homes fell to 62.9% in the second quarter, which was the lowest since 1965, according to a Census Bureau report. What is happening is two-fold. Net real wages after taxes have been declining. Combine this with […]


Standard Life Suspends Their Property Fund

By admin / July 5, 2016

Standard Life suspended trading in its UK property fund after reducing the value of the fund by writing down the value of property by 5%. This set off a wave if liquidation that resulted in the fund being suspended. The management clearly read the press and listened to the politicians way too much. It makes […]

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