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Trump Highlights the Hypocrisy of HIllary

January 5, 2016

Donald Trump slammed Hillary Clinton, who is championing the disarmament of America, by challenging her by saying bluntly that if guns do not keep people safe, then Hillary should travel without armed bodyguards to prove her position.

World Real Estate Report

January 4, 2016

Our “World Real Estate Report” is now available for all clients. The report, priced at $400, is a combination of part I and II of the “Real Estate” reports, which are a combined 226 pages. This report provides an overview … →

Transactional Banking Report

January 4, 2016

 The “Transactional Banking” report is now available to all clients. This report traces the problem that is destroying Western Civilization. This transformation of banking from the historical Relationship Banking to Transactional Banking undermines civilization itself. This is at the heart of everything that … →

The War Cycle 2015 Update

January 4, 2016

“The War Cycle” 2015 Update report is now available. In this report, we discuss the historic origin of the seemingly endless battle between the Sunnis and Shiites. We will discuss the varying beliefs between the two groups, as well as … →

Market Talk — January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

What a start to the New Year! Talk around the street voiced a few reasons for today’s stock market declines from geopolitical tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran to additional dealing costs associated to playing the markets. Discussions are apparently … →

China to Impose Fee on Cancelled Orders

January 4, 2016

China is taking a unique approach to regulating markets. They are looking to impose a tax or fee per order to prevent traders from flooding exchanges with orders they don’t fill by charging market participants fees for habitual cancellations. This … →

Is the Recession Starting?

January 4, 2016

The ISM purchasing managers’ index for the manufacturing sector in December 2015 in the USA has plummeted to its lowest level since June of 2009. This warns that the U.S. economy is entering a recession that is in line with … →

Dow & the Immediate Outlook

January 4, 2016

QUESTION: Marty, at the WEC you said the Dow would go down in the first quarter. How far do you see this going this time? ANSWER: We elected a monthly Bearish Reversal at year-end and closed lower than 2014. The … →

Our Nemesis – The Sovereign Debt Crisis

January 4, 2016

Nemesis & Justice in Pursuit QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I wanted to thank you for the conference in Berlin. It was my first time attending. I cannot wait for the DVD. You gave so much information, I think I will have … →

The Real Reason Inflation Unfolds

January 4, 2016

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong, Thank you EVER SO MUCH for everything that you do even for ordinary folks like me who are not traders but just want to have a good grasp of where to put their money. I have already … →

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