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Democrat Tulsi Gabbard warns – Do Not Vote Democrat

July 22, 2024   Tulsi Gabbard, who is a Democratic American politician, is also a United States Army Reserve officer who was a candidate in the 2020 Presidential Election, Lieutenant Colonel in the Unit United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command United States Army Reserve. She dares to speak out about the Neocons. Kamala would […]

Market Talk – July 22, 2024

July 22, 2024

ASIA:   The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today: NIKKEI 225 decreased 464.79 points or -1.16% to 39,599.00 Shanghai decreased 18.09 points or -0.61% to 2,964.22 Hang Seng increased 218.20 points or 1.25% to 17,635.88 ASX 200 decreased 39.90 points or -0.50% to 7,931.70 KOSPI decreased 31.95 points or -1.14% to 2,763.51 […]

PRIVATE BLOG – The Winds of War are Blowing

July 22, 2024

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The Death of the Fantasy of Democracy

July 22, 2024

COMMENT: A friend of mine insisted I read you because you have real experience. I tuned in only so I could argue with my friend. I raise the white flag. You said they would only allow Biden to be on the ticket and nobody else because he would drop out after the RNC event, and […]

Rental Caps?

July 22, 2024

The Biden Administration wants to do everything to lower prices BESIDES lowering taxes. Joe Biden released a new plan that would cap rental raises at 5% annually. Landlords who have over 50 units in their portfolio would lose their tax credits if they failed to adhere to this proposed law. Yet, property taxes throughout the […]

Zelensky Prepared for a Trump Presidency

July 22, 2024

Donald Trump has guaranteed to end the war in Ukraine if elected president, vowing to do so before his first day in office. The recent outpouring of support for Donald Trump has led world leaders to consider the possibility of a second Trump presidency. Perhaps no one would dread a second Trump term more than […]

Tax Code Change for Emergency Retirement Withdrawals

July 22, 2024

Low-income Americans are in such dire straits due to the elevated cost of living that lawmakers are making changes to the tax code. No, naturally, the politicians are not voting to decrease taxes for those who can barely get by. Instead, they’re permitting Americans to pull a mere $1,000 out of their retirement accounts without […]

Biden Steps Down – Kamala for President! Hay?

July 21, 2024

As expected, Biden has decided he will end his reelection campaign. This is really no surprise; this 81-year-old’s fitness for office and ability to defeat former president Donald Trump has obviously been a failed quest. He simply said: “It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve as your President,” adding, “And while […]

PRIVATE BLOG – The Brewing Crisis

July 20, 2024

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