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It’s A Democrat Thing to Make Up Stories of Your Youth?

May 18, 2024

  And Hillary says Biden has a mental/age problem and should not be President – so turn to Hillary? Biden was born November 20, 1942 so he is ONLY 5 years older than Hillery Well, she did not have an uncle eaten by cannibals – Perhaps!

Market Talk – May 17, 2024

May 17, 2024

ASIA:   “Market Talk” will be temporarily postponed until June as our staff redirects efforts toward the London Seminar. Tickets to the seminar, both virtual and in-person, are still available for purchase.   The major Asian stock markets had a mixed day today: NIKKEI 225 decreased 132.88 points or -0.34% to 38,787.38 Shanghai increased 31.63 […]

PRIVATE BLOG – Our Targets on the Dow for 2024

May 17, 2024

PRIVATE BLOG – Our Targets on the Dow for 2024 Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit

Retail Sales Falling in the US – a Softer Tone

May 17, 2024

Retail sales in the US fell short of expectations this month, according to data compiled by the Commerce Department. Retail spending decreased 0.6% from April to March, undermining forecasts of a 0.4% decrease. Yet, Americans are spending MORE on the essentials such as groceries. How is this a shocking admittance to anyone? Even online sales […]

Revelations – Are We In The End Days? 1,000-Year Cycle

May 17, 2024

Various cultures and religions have been concerned about the end of time looming throughout history. Aethelred II (978-1016 AD) was so convinced the world was about to end in 1000 AD that he removed his portrait from the coinage and placed the Christian symbol of the lamb on it. The world did not end, and […]

NYC Mayor Proposes Solution for Lifeguard Shortage

May 17, 2024

The Democrats are looking for any possible way to expedite the immigration process for future blue voters. Eric Adams flops between crying to Washington for forcing the migrant crisis upon his sanctuary city and looking for ways to support its agenda. Since Democrats cannot be racist, Eric Adams offered a newly proposed solution for New […]

The Dow Hits First Target 40,000 – What’s Next?

May 17, 2024   COMMENT: It is baffling why you are not on the front page of the WSJ, Barons, London FT, NY Times, and every financial newspaper claiming to be interested in markets. In the ’80s, when the Dow was 1,000, you forecast it would reach 6,000 by 1996. On the day of the 1987 low, […]

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