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Vespasian: “I Think I’m Becoming a God”

By admin / October 15, 2019

QUESTION: Greetings Mr. Armstrong, Do we know if Vespasian meant his last words as ironic or literally? It seems that a man of his history meant it ironically. That he was mocking the Roman idea of the emperors that they would become a god after their death. Thanks, A ANSWER: Vespasian was known for his […]


The Surrender of Liberty in the Name of Security

By admin / September 2, 2019

QUESTION: It seems that as we get closer to a change-over of economic systems that as a society we are more willing to give up our rights to the State. Is that part of a pattern during these types of events? Was it seen as Britain, Rome, and other countries lost power after their peaks? […]


Which Roman Emperor was Really “the Great”

By admin / June 6, 2019

QUESTION: Why Constantine the Great? Mr Armstrong, Of the 170 or so Roman emperors from 27BC to 476AD only one carries the title “the Great” and that is Constantine(r.306-337AD). Would you have chosen another Roman emperor for this distinction in preference to Constantine? JR ANSWER: Constantine was given the title “the Great” because of his use […]


Did Europe Alter its Destiny By Accepting Refugees?

By admin / May 4, 2019

QUESTION: If I remember my history well, letting in all of these refugees who are Muslim will eventually mean that Europe becomes Muslim or at the very least we will have a Muslim at the head of the EU in a matter of just a few decades. Would you care to refresh my history on […]


Roman Coins Wash up on Beach in Florida

By admin / April 11, 2019

  There have been discoveries of Roman coins in Japan as well as in North America. There has even been the discovery of a Roman sword in Newfoundland. Now, a treasure hunter with a metal detector uncovered seven Roman coins that washed up on a beach here in the Tampa region. This is strong evidence that […]


Commodity Prices Before 1259

By admin / December 2, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You mentioned that your chart on wheat was back to 1259 excluding ancient data. Is it really possible to collect data on commodity prices in ancient times? Thank you GD ANSWER: Oh yes. We have commodity prices extending back even into Sumerian times. All sorts of legal contracts and invoices for trade were […]


Monetary Devaluations & Cancellations

By admin / January 10, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; What Modi has done here in India is far worse than what the press reports. I read your piece that this is part of a larger plan discussed at the G20 meetings. Is there any historical precedent for such actions that would provide some guidance for the future? R ANSWER: Since ancient times, […]


Bringing All the Sources Together

By admin / January 7, 2017

QUESTION: Hi Martin! I have been enjoying readings in your rich (in knowledge) website and writings in my vacations here in Southern South America. Between one coffee and another I printing articles and writings in order to “connect de dots” as you use to say. That is being a pleasure. My question is on your article […]


Janus – The Start of a New Year

By admin / January 1, 2017

The Roman god Janus was the god of the beginning and ending of conflict, and hence war and peace. In ancient Rome, the Temple of Janus stood in the Roman Forum with doors on both ends, and inside was a statue of Janus, who is always represented as the two-faced god. The doors of his temple were open in […]

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