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Summer Davos 2023

June 30, 2023

Over 1,500 “global leaders” from 90 countries met in North China’s Tianjin municipality for the World Economic Forum’s Summer Davos. Chinese Premier Li Qiang opened the conference by discussing China’s economic success amid modernization. China’s growth is expected to accelerate during the second half of the year. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) foresees China alone […]

Palestine Enters the Chat

June 20, 2023

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas met with Chinese President Xi Jinping for a three-day visit. Xi called Abbas a “good friend” and said that China fully supports Palestine. “We have always firmly supported the just cause of the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate national rights,” Xi stated. China and Palestine have had good diplomatic […]

The African Peace Plan is Doomed

June 15, 2023

The neocons are the only ones thirsting for a world war. Putin has been pleading for peace or any form of conflict resolution. South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has been discussing a plan to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine and has called on China’s Xi Jinping for support. The details of the African Peace […]

Europeans Do Not Want to Support the US in a War Against China

June 12, 2023

America seems to have lost all true allies. Once the world police, the US has been expected to “save” democracies worldwide since the First World War. The US pledges more to NATO than any other member and has gifted Ukraine endless supplies to protect Europe from “Russian aggression.” Yet, a new poll states that Europeans […]

Iran and Saudi Arabia – Mutual Friends

June 7, 2023

Iran and Saudi Arabia are now mutual friends through China. The two countries had been sworn enemies since the beginning of time, representing conflicting Shiite and Sunni Muslim groups that have been battling since their religion was founded. They were murdering one another through a proxy war in Yemen that has left over 150,000 dead. […]

Youth Unemployment in China

June 1, 2023

Chinese youth are struggling to find jobs in urban areas. Unemployment for the 16-to-24 demographic reached a new high in April at 20.4%. Youth unemployment has steadily risen this year after reaching 17.3% in January, 18.1% in February, and 19.6% in March. These young adults were born under the one-child policy that has since been […]

China – High Tech Learning

April 29, 2023 The post China – High Tech Learning first appeared on Armstrong Economics.

China v Taiwan – The Draft Begins

April 18, 2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced that he is preparing for war. The military budget will grow by about 7.2% this year after it has already doubled over the past decade. This is not a sudden decision. China has been quietly positioning itself for quite some time and has taken notes over Russia’s missteps with Ukraine. […]

PRIVATE BLOG – China Dumping Dollars Preparing for War

April 12, 2023

PRIVATE BLOG – China Dumping Dollars Preparing for War Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit The post PRIVATE BLOG – China Dumping Dollars Preparing for War first appeared on Armstrong Economics.

The US Begins to Arm Taiwan

April 3, 2023

The evidence of the coming global war is overwhelming. In a move that will prompt a direct response from China, the US announced that it would deliver 400 Javelin man-portable anti-tank systems to Taiwan. The delivery is strategically planned to begin during the second half of this year into 2024. Reports claim that this deal […]

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