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BITCOIN – The Reality Check

March 21, 2023

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I just wanted to thank you for the education. When you explained that Bitcoin was not some hedge against central banks or an exception to everything out there but was just another trading vehicle, you saved my life for sure my wife would have killed me during the crash. The November turning […]

Ship of Fools

February 28, 2023

QUESTION: Do you think that this entire scam with cryptocurrencies that the government will be able to track, do they realize that in war you take down the power grid and all digital currency fails? If the backup system is destroyed, all your digital currency will vanish. Are they this stupid? Is this why they […]

The Bitcoin Delusion

February 20, 2023

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, Now with Switzerland outlawing a cashless society, I understand your point that cryptocurrency is really a dead end. Without power, it cannot exist and as you said in times of war, you take down the power grid and they can do that with an EPM pulse. These Bitcoin zealots are clueless about […]

Depression Scrip – Coming to a Region Near You

February 15, 2023

QUESTION: At the WEC, you said as the nation breaks apart, the most likely course of action will be the creation of local currencies. You also said you would post a catalog of Depression Scrip. I have not seen that. Can you post that, please? Thank you for a great WEC. Always learning something new. […]

Digital Dollars – the Real Agenda

February 10, 2023

I know we have a lot of people expressing their opinion that the dollar will crash because when the government converts it to digital, it will be like spy wear tracking everything we do. Now you have people running around preaching the dollar will crash any day citing Biden’s Executive Order 14067. However, read it […]

Another Strike Against Cryptos

June 14, 2022

I’ve said it before and will say it again – cryptocurrencies are not a safe investment. I know it is not a popular opinion; people have had success with trading. The problems with cryptocurrencies: (1) they depend entirely upon the government; with the stroke of a pen, they can all be seized; (2) they depend […]

Are 95% of Bitcoin Trades Fake?

March 29, 2019

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I love the fact you always stand in the middle. Do you believe that 95% of Bitcoin Trading is fake? Thank you KL ANSWER: I did not conduct that study. It does sound a bit high. However, manipulation has been a historical problem in the commodity world. As I stated before, […]

Regulating the Virtual & Cryptocurrency World

March 28, 2019

  While many believe that the off-exchange trading platforms in Bitcoin bypass fiat central banks, there are developments in the legal world that warn of regulation is headed into the field with a vengeance. There were three important recent actions in federal courts that illustrate the interplay among the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) & […]

Facebook to Launch a Cryptocurrency & Compete Against Banks?

March 27, 2019

QUESTION: Why is Facebook going to issue a cryptocurrency? Doesn’t that confirm the evolutionary path of technology? ND ANSWER: The term “cryptocurrency” is being thrown around very loosely. It is true that there is increasing hype and speculation regarding a theoretical Facebook Coin. However, this is not a “cryptocurrency” it is simply a digital entry […]

95% of Bitcoin Trading is Fake?

March 24, 2019

  There is an interesting concern rising from the too numerous exchanges for Bitcoin. A study has revealed that the market is being manipulated to create the impression that there is a $6 billion market trading every day. This manipulation is all about boosting the image of volume using what the study shows are known […]

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