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Dow Correction November High

January 8, 2016

The high for November was 17977.8, not 17210.43. I quoted the low instead of the high. See, we humans do make mistakes. Socrates was correct. That is why people ask, “What does the computer say?”

Dow Looking Into 2016-2017

December 19, 2015

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, at the conference you said the US share market would continue to move sideways and there will be no breakout to the upside until 2016. After Fridays action I assume this is still on target. Where is support … →

Gold & Dow Inflation Adjusted

December 11, 2015

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, you have said that gold adjusted for inflation has not exceeded the 1980 high. Have we exceeded the 1929 high in the stock market? Just curious KW Dow Jones Industrial in LOG Scale ANSWER: The 1929 high … →

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