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Beware May 7th, 2024

November 27, 2023

QUESTION: Marty, Thank you for a fantastic conference. If it were not for your forecast that the dollar would rise and rates would rise, putting European banks in distress before the USA, you would have saved our company a fortune. I know it’s Socrates, but we still need you here. Now that they have postponed […]

The 80-Year Cyclical Theory v. the Economic Confidence Model

November 17, 2023

The concept of cycles is becoming accepted in Western culture. Recently, people have been honing in on what they deem the 80-year cyclical theory that marks a major shift in humanity. While this may be true as it takes a few generations to change society, they are not incorporating the additional nuisances associated with the […]

WEC 2023 – The Road to 2032

September 24, 2023

We are rapidly approaching 2032, where there will be the real Great Reset. We can all now “feel” 2032 coming. Our computer has made forecasts that no human being could have possibly made on such a consistent basis. Sure, someone can luck out and claim to have forecast one thing, but so many consistently is […]

The ECM of Ancient Times

September 18, 2023

QUESTION: If I remember correctly, did you say that the 51.6-year cycle even applied to the wars of Athens in ancient times? GD ANSWER: Yes, you have a good memory. Aegina fell to Athens in 456 BC in war. It won its independence again with the loss of Athens in the Peloponnesian War with Sparta […]

The Business Cycle Always Wins

August 23, 2023

While some economists are flipping from pessimistic to increasingly optimistic the US will beat inflation without a near-term recession, some still preach the standard doom & gloom prophecy for the economy. Everything in their field always turns on the Keynesian Model of interest rates, with the standard fallout from higher interest rates always will depress […]

The 2032 Paradigm Shift

August 21, 2023

QUESTION: Marty, I have tried to convince some family members of the deep state and the trend in front of their eyes. No matter what I say, they ignore it and call me crazy. Should I give up? DP ANSWER: Look, the vast majority are simply the herd. They prefer not to think analytically. They […]

PRIVATE BLOG – 2024 & the ECM

August 12, 2023

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The mystery if Pi – Full Version

July 30, 2023

  COMMENT: Hi Mr. Armstrong, Here is the full version of that short video you posted about Pi. In it, he makes the statement “Where ever there is Pi, there is a hidden circle.” Interesting thought in regards to Pi and the ECM. Joel REPLY: Thank You. It is fascinating.

Forecasts & the ECM

June 23, 2023

COMMENT: Hello, I remember you writing more than once last fall that the week of Nov 9th was targeted by the computer for something significant. That week was the elections, which I think everyone focused on. However, FTX also collapsed that week, which is pretty significant. You have yet to take credit for this great […]

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