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California Dreaming: The Great Migration from California

February 15, 2016

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I live in San Francisco (silicon Valley) and due to internet and automation, technology is doing well and Real estate has been strong, perhaps overpriced. Since oct 2015 prices have declined slightly in core while keep rising in the peripheral areas. Rents are very high and demand for rentals is softer in 2016. […]

Where to Invest

February 15, 2016

QUESTION: Hi Martin, I am a subscriber to your investor service and read your blog daily for years now. Thank you for your wonderful service to educate those who will listen. You posted when the deflationary spiral is over, we “want to be diversified with equities with good capitalization, some spec-stocks, gold, silver, and real […]

The Market in Perspective

February 14, 2016

Last week we had a Panic Cycle in Gold and a Directional Change. Both performed on target.  As we have stated previously, the Directional Change can be by itself a very fascinating tool. The Directional Change can at times be the beginning of a breakout to a new trading level (major thrust) in one directions […]

Gold Low of Lows or Just A Low?

February 14, 2016

QUESTION: Marty; I had purchased your gold report and the low for gold came in exactly as you laid out on that benchmark date you gave more than two years in advance. But you are not saying you called the low of lows. I assume you remain skeptical about a reversal in trend long-term. Correct? […]


February 14, 2016

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong, I read your blog every day. Thank you but i’m having trouble figuring out where to place my money moving forward. Cash, the markets, the banks, gold…. It feels like you are saying cash is the place to be right now but maybe i have a difficult time comprehending all that […]

Cycle of Peace

February 13, 2016

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, What does your program tell us about cycles of peace? Respectfully, SP ANSWER: Of course. The Cycle of Peace is the counter-trend to the Cycle of War. Like the War Cycle, it is linked to the economy. If the economy turns down, that is when War turns up. I have always said […]

India & the Hunt for Money

February 13, 2016

COMMENT: hi marty, i am from india. You ve no idea how much your blogs have helped me understand the duplicity of our governments. The Government has made mandatory registering our PAN card with the dealer for any purchase made for even as low as 2 lakh rupees (3600 dollars). They are literally hunting for […]

Market Talk – February 12th, 2016

February 13, 2016

The Nikkei re-opened after yesterday’s public holiday but again was sold from the open. The key banks suffered yet more liquidations eventually closing Mitsubishi UFJ -2.3%, SMFG -4.1%, Mizuho -3.7% and the main Nobel House (Nomura) was down 9.2%. Exporters also suffered Toyota, Nissan and Sharp all down between 6 and 10%. The Nikkei closed […]

Gold: Here We Go Again?

February 12, 2016

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong. Are you calling this rally in gold a false move? What does it take to get you bullish? Will you ever be bullish? ANSWERWhen all markets line up and display that there is a trend in motion, which is then definitive, I will clearly state so. Gold has performed in a typical […]

Gold & the Dow

February 4, 2016

QUESTION: Dear Mr. Armstrong, I have a question for your Blog . Do we need a falling dollar, like today, to see Gold rise? Thank you SH Germany ANSWER: No. When the majority begin to see that the government is really … →

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