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Hurricane Idalia – I’m Supposed to be Dead – But I think I Survived

August 30, 2023   Thank you for all the emails concerned about the storm and my survivability. If I listened to the news, I surely must be dead, so I am writing this from upstairs. I hunkered down this time. I have had enough of the news for all they do is go to the worst place […]

The Death of Mainstream Media?

August 21, 2023   QUESTION: Hello, Mr. Armstrong; Being a European and looking in the window of America, how can Americans hate Trump so much and overlook Biden and Hunter? America is becoming the laughingstock of the world. They want to imprison Trump and let this senile man and his corrupt son corrupt the world and create […]

Propaganda – Scrubbing the Internet of the Truth

July 31, 2023

Any article about Ukrainian War Crimes against Russians is being removed from the internet. Once again, we are witnessing propaganda on a grand scale. In any war, there are always war crimes on both sides. The fact that the West is scrubbing the internet and threatening anyone who dares to print the truth is really getting […]

Ukraine is a Disaster, Putin is the Moderate, & Truth is the Victim

July 25, 2023

  COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, At first, I questioned why you were more pro-Putin than the media. But given your reliable forecasting and being renowned for your sources, I kept an open mind. Whilst it is becoming clear that Putin has been going after the people who wanted to nuke and totally invade Ukraine, the media […]

The Program that Locked Down the World

June 17, 2023

COMMENT: Marty that was a fantastic interview with Kim. You should have added that people in the British government who opposed the lockdowns gave you the Gates-funded program to review. You said it was a child’s game like SimCity. You are way too modest. You were a decade before everyone with AI. I was there […]

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