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Instructional Video: Reversals & 1% Rule

March 13, 2016

Above is a short instructional video on the 1% rule with our reversal system model. For future reference, this video can be found under our “Models” section.

Instructional Video: Slingshot Moves

March 11, 2016

Above is an instructional video example explaining slingshot moves and their timing For future reference, this video can be found under our “Models” section.  

Is There a Percentage Rally that Confirms a Change in Trend?

March 4, 2016

  QUESTION: Hello Martin, Can you verify the following statement: “No bear has ever resumed following a 20% rally.” As today marks a 21% move of the lows your expertise would be appreciated. Thanks! BGG ANSWER: No. Sorry. That is total nonsense. The rally from 1982 into 1983 moved from $297 to $520 — and guess what— new lows unfolded. Look at this from the […]

Trading Reversals in Reverse

February 16, 2016

Trading  is something you have to develop a “feel” for. The only way to do that is with experience. The object of our modeling is to place the entire world before you. Once you become familiar with how to use the model, you will be able to look at any market and ascertain its direction […]

Filtering the Reversals – What Level to Use

February 16, 2016

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, First of all, thank you for all you do.  These are crazy times and so many of us would like to thank you for your guidance through these volatile times. The question I have and I’m sure others do as well is in regards to the election of the reversals.  I was an […]

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