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Has Hollywood Shot itself in the Head?

March 3, 2017

The Oscars has plummeted in viewership. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ was criticized last year for failing to nominate any minority actors for the second consecutive year. The whole thing has become political and Hollywood has assumed its importance is far more than what its industry simply was – entertainment. This year, […]

Canada to Fingerprint Anyone who Owes Them Money

February 23, 2017

  The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has begun to record the fingerprints of every person charged (not yet convicted) with tax evasion. This is a move that could deny them the ability to travel to the United States. If they have a criminal tax offence that is even charged, they could not travel to the […]

Trump Tower Accord to Replace Plaza Accord?

February 8, 2017

We can probably count on one thing – the people from Goldman Sachs advising Trump will most likely do what they always do – assume the manipulation and “influence” is all that is needed to change the trend in the dollar. Donald Trump’s top trade adviser Peter Navarro has hit out at Germany and accused the country […]

California Dreaming

January 29, 2017

COMMENT: Sir, Thanks for all you do. As you have been teaching, do the math. What would be the financial implications of CALIEXIT be? In other words , how much would the rest of the country save if we voted California off the island?  You have already enlightened us to the fact that they asked behind […]

Gallup Poll: Trust Level of Mainstream Media Falls to 32%

November 30, 2016

Gallup first began asking if Americans trusted the mainstream media in 1972. America’s trust and confidence in mainstream media stood at its highest level back in 1976 at 72%. Of course, that was due to the investigative journalism regarding Vietnam, and naturally Woodward and Berstein, with the Watergate scandal. Following that period, the media began to […]

Google’s Biased Search Engine Exposed – Can They Be Trusted Anymore?

November 29, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s ties to Google, CNN, PBS, and The New York Times illustrate the conspiracy among these organization who tried to help Hillary be crowned leader of the free world. New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. has admitted that his paper was unconstitutionally biased and disgraced the very principle of the First Amendment. Sulzberger admits the paper […]

Bill Gates – Victim of Propaganda?

November 18, 2016

  QUESTION: Once again Martin your information and explanations are top class. Indian demonetisation, supportive stories in Australian press of ending the $100 bill, Swedish Riksbank investigating digital currency… You called all this months ago and now mainstream media softening up the masses.. Question – why is Bill Gates supporting this do you think ? Thanks […]

The Color Purple – Not the Movie but a Revolutionary Movement

November 16, 2016

USA Today showed this photo by Olivier Douliery, it portrayed the color purple as the very words handed to them by Clinton, Inc.: “Purple is the blend of red and blue. It’s one of three colors of the suffrage movement. And it has deep ties to Christianity.” Purple was the color of royalty. Nobody but the Roman […]

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