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It is Always a Matter of Capital Flows

By admin / August 24, 2017

QUESTION: Do you use astrology as one of your inputs as to cycles? There are, as you most likely know, financial astrologers who have tracked the patterns of planets that co-incide with market movements. ANSWER: No. I am fully aware that some people use that and I have been told sometimes it lines up with our […]


The Plague of One-Dimensional Analysis

By admin / August 17, 2017

The Blood Moon is a term that has been sometimes used to refer to four total lunar eclipses that happen in the space of two years. This is a phenomenon astronomers call a lunar tetrad. The eclipses in a tetrad occur six months apart with at least six Full Moons between them. Just saw one last night […]


World Economic Conference 1996 Major Forecast

By admin / June 26, 2017 Many people have asked how far do we may forecasts at our conferences. Here is a clip from the February 1996 World Economic Conference (WEC) forecasting the Dow would rally from 5500 to 7000 and perhaps to 10,000 on capital inflows by 1998. In this short clip you will see that this forecast was […]


Mutual Funds versus ETF’S

By admin / May 18, 2017

  People are waking-up to the fact that they can substitute the expensive Asset Manager fees by doing it themselves. There are many ways but here we distinguish between Mutual Funds (MT) and ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). When buying into a MF it is via a company such as Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street etc. and […]


How Small Events Can Cascade into Contagions

By admin / May 4, 2017

  COMMENT: Dear Martin Armstrong, This very unusual video about dominoes is 2½ minute and shows how a small domino can knock over big ones. I remember you writing about a small Austrian bank, Creditanstalt, that in 1931 was the first sign of the economic depression. Maybe these dominoes can illustrate what happened. I hope you […]


Can Anyone Really Save The Economy in a Crash?

By admin / April 30, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Did anyone ever save the world financial system during the 1998 Crash or the 2008 Crash? Also, you said that government will never heed the advice of anyone. You worked on Capitol Hill and testified before Congress and was called upon to form the G5. Yet you say it is impossible to […]


Dominoes – Key to Economic Survival

By admin / April 30, 2017

QUESTION: Marty; Will you be going over the type of monetary reform you see coming and how to position oneself for this and when it should arrive? What do you think about the SDR proposed by some replacing the dollar? Any response as to why you always seem to be right? Thanks See you in […]


Socialism – Family Structure – Gold – Food

By admin / April 7, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; you said that socialism is collapsing and the West is most vulnerable because it changed the social structure and the family unit. Spanish families from Mexico seem to be much tighter groups than Americans. Is this what you are talking about? Did the ancient Greeks save money for retirement? Is that why […]


People Migrating South & Are Smarter than You Think

By admin / March 30, 2017

Birds are not the only creatures migrating south. In the United States, more and more people are leaving the highest taxes state and moving to lower tax states. One of the states that has seen large scale migration outward has been Illinois, where taxes are going insane and the there is no end in sight. […]


Government Is Not Reason, It Is Not Eloquence — It Is Force

By admin / March 25, 2017

COMMENT: Mr., Armstrong, your solution video is splendid. What you say about government only interested in a crisis and not preventing anything makes perfect sense. I believe it was George Washington who said: “Government Is Not Reason, It Is Not Eloquence — It Is Force” Thank you for standing your ground. FH ANSWER: I do […]

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