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AI & the Future

By admin / June 15, 2022

Klaus Schwab’s view of the future and Artificial Intelligence is seriously flawed. He argues that the fusing of the political, physical, digital, and biological worlds will have a transformative impact on every facet of human existence. He insists that this will range from the way we live our lives, the manner in which we will […]


Why Has IBM’s Watson Failed?

By admin / January 22, 2020

QUESTION: Marty; Socrates has done a fantastic job in picking turning points, rallies, projections for resistance, so many things. Yet IBM’s Watson was supposed to blow everything out of the water and find the cure for cancer and it has failed miserably. What did you do that IBM did not? Also, the rumor is that […]


Replacing Judges with AI

By admin / November 22, 2019

The corruption in the Rule of Law is the #1 cause of the decline and fall of nations. One major step would be to replace judges with AI. Lawyers already use AI to research legal positions that junior staff once did. It is only a matter of time before courts can be replaced with AI, […]


Artificial Intelligence v Sophisticated Analytics

By admin / November 21, 2019

QUESTION: Socrates vs Aladdin I would like to start by saying thank you for all the knowledge in an altruist way you provide to the world. Reading your blog is part of my daily activities for years now. And what i difference it has made in opening my mind. I would like if you could […]


Can AI Think?

By admin / September 10, 2019

QUESTION: In George Gilder’s book “Life after Google” he states: “AI cannot compete with the human intelligence that connects symbols and objects. AI cannot do without the human minds that provide it with symbols systems and language; programs it; structures the information it absorbs in training, whether word patterns or pixels; provides and formulates the […]


Computer v Influence

By admin / September 5, 2019

QUESTION: Do you think that Cambridge Analytica actually had any influence in creating BREXIT given the controversy that they were hired but then not? Can such influence actually change elections? DK ANSWER: As Nigel Farage noted at our Rome WEC in early 2019, our computer forecast BREXIT when nobody else did. Our computer does not […]


Changing the World v Dark Forces of Corruption

By admin / June 20, 2019 QUESTION: Hi Marty ! How can we really expect politicians to make any kind of decisions when even the best humans can only think of 2 MAYBE 3 aspects at a time…. let alone complex dimensions that your computer seems to be able to interpret so well. Are we due for a reality check […]


Is Conversational AI Here?

By admin / July 2, 2018   IBM has been working on what we call Conversational AI. When I was working on developing Socrates’ Natural Language, I was not interested in creating a machine to debate me. I was interested in creating a machine that I could at least have a conversation with. I teamed up with Dragon Systems back […]


Machine Learning

By admin / January 5, 2017

QUESTION: Hi, how are you? I hope you fine. I work with business intelligence for 9 years until now, and I’m decided improve my skills on Machine Learning field. I have searched for studies programs in universities, etc, but have found nothing, honest and simple, to be compared by thoughts, oppnions and views from Mr. Armstrong […]


Could AI Become Predictable?

By admin / December 30, 2016

QUESTION: Marty, It occurs to me that some of the most persuasive individuals of history (good or bad) have been so effective because they possessed a keen understanding of Human Nature allowing them to predict the response of their audience, and in turn, coerce them toward a desired action.  The question I would like your thoughts […]

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