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How Socialism Destroyed the Family Structure

August 30, 2016

The very core tenet of Marxism and its two versions called socialism and communism is to actually replace the family structure. In Russian communism, Stalin was paranoid about any possible resistance. Children were taught that the state was their parent instead of their biological parents, and if those creatures spoke anything against the state then […]

The Panic of 1683 Was the First

August 14, 2016

This is the list of panics I discovered in the library at Princeton University. I simply added the period of 224 years from 1683 to 1907 which yield 8.615 as the common frequency dividing that period by the 26 events. I did not expect this to produce events to the day. The mere fact that […]

Have I Ever Been Wrong?

August 8, 2016

  QUESTION: Have you ever been wrong? HS ANSWER: Since I am human, the obvious answer must be YES! I have stood up and explained at conferences how I made a bunch of money when I was 13 in the metals/coin market. My father thought I was too much of a speculator and told me I should […]

What If Everyone Followed Socrates?

August 4, 2016

  QUESTION: Hello, Mr. Armstrong. Some years back, I asked what would happen if everyone knew about the ECM. You provided an answer on your blog. Now, that the trader version of Socrates is soon to be made available for the public…: What happens to the trading community (market makers / service providers / traders) when you […]

The Week in Review – July 11, 2016

July 16, 2016

The world economy is clearly causing the fundamentalists to flip-flop endlessly. They offer only opinions, and these are the times that will break the reasoning of men and try their very judgments. We have entered the phase where unless you comprehend capital flow analysis, you stand little chance of surviving the remaining years as we […]

Free Market v Central Bank

July 5, 2016

We are beginning to see interest rates rise globally in the free market. After BREXIT exposed the crisis in Europe, the rates began to rise in the peripherals. That will move closer toward the core. The Fed will respond only when the capital sees what is unfolding in Europe and shifts to the States. The […]

Forecasting & Beating the Odds

June 24, 2016 COMMENT #1: Marty, Socrates just beat every polling organization out there. The bank I work at conducted its own poll and said remain has it. Gold fell and bounced off of 1206 you said was the line in the sand and screamed up and bounced off the monthly bullish reversal which was your line […]

Private v Public & the World Beyond

June 18, 2016

The Private Blog is for the specific Reversals. There are some things that we do not want to broadcast to the world when it comes to trading. Real professionals NEVER divulge their position unless they are trying to set others up. Each manipulation is played with one person out front. The bulk of the people […]

Tariffs – Labor – Consumer

June 17, 2016

QUESTION: If Donald trump issues a tariff on countries like china will that cause the price of goods from china to go up in price?? Also is he correct by saying it will bring jobs back to the united states by doing this? Would overall implementing a tariff be a good thing or is it a […]

Wayne Swan Rewrites History to Support Living Off of Other People’s Money

June 16, 2016

It is truly amazing how biased socialists are to the point that they just want to rob anyone who has more than they do and rewrite history to further their political agenda. Wayne Swan, former deputy prime minister of Australia, wrote a political piece for the Guardian that is total rubbish with the heading: “Cutting corporate tax won’t create jobs. […]

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